Different shapes in led video walls

If you want to make a video wall for advertising then you can do it in a trendy way. Rather than setting up the monitors in rectangle shape, you could arrange it in different shapes. This display can help you in projecting anything like

  • Video of any event
  • Advertising any product
  • Displaying promos
  • Trailers of upcoming movies
  • Clarity check in a television showroom

Complete control over the video run on the led video wall will be in a single system. You could make them to showcase the video with proper synchronisation. You can either display a loop video which repeat itself after completing its turn. Also you can conduct meetings, conferences and more using this display. You could use these walls anywhere you need it. As it is completely flexible you can arrange them or build the wall in any shape. Box display or rectangle shape display is old and traditional method. You can try out other shapes like pyramid, cylinder, or more.

Earlier we use projectors to display our projects, and presentations. But nowadays people use video wall for presentations. This is due to the clear picture of the led screen. The resolution is high such that every single word or picture in the screen are seen clearly.It is very simple to use, you need to save your video in your personal computer first. Once the video is saved you can connect it to the monitors. Select number of screens you have arranged for display. Mention the shape of your Led display such that they video will be split accordingly. As it is bezel free, you can try with all your choices.

LED video wall is built with a true color technology. It consists of high contrast, good brightness and high resolution pictures. Thus making your video lively and attractive. This will definitely drive people attention towards the video wall. Hence there are high chances for you to get more target audience. Through this you will gain more customers. An excellent business convertor and very good means of advertisement. But it is a bit costlier than other traditional advertising methods.

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