All you need to know about bolt tightening torque calculation

Torque makes up for one of the universal processes performed around the world. We see torque every day and also implement with torque without even releasing it. Today, we will be seeing the full potential of torque and what factors it associates itself with. Understanding the factors dealt with torque will pave a way for the applications we see every day and that is why we will look at in detail now.

Torque and its Associative Factors

  • Imagine a see-saw. We know that a see-saw if fixed and it rotates about a pivot (the pivot is the centre part of the see-saw). Now, the force required to set the motion of the see-saw is called torque.
  • This torque is responsible for setting things in continuous motion all around us. Somehow, we are oblivious to it and never end up noticing it. It is with this force that we set all other things.
  • For instance, we know that mechanical processes involve the use of nuts and bolts, but what we do not know is that there are specific ranges of torques that are meant to be used for these nuts and bolts.
  • These ranges of torques that are needed to fulfil are generally called as tightening torques (since nuts and bolts are only used to tighten the tools, to serve as a support)

  • To find out the tightening torque for bolts, there are ways where you can simply find them, but is essential to know that it is with these values, that most of the applications are formed.
  • The easiest way to find the values for such bolts is to make note of the dimensions involved with the bolts. These may be general dimensions, most of which are physical.
  • The way to find the values is by using the bolt tightening torque calculation This method takes into an assumption of certain factors which the bolt needs to meet.
  • These factors may imply that the bolt needs to be new, and the bolt needs to be lubricated and so on and so forth.
  • Once these assumptions are met, you can follow the values for the tightening torque simply by the use of charts which are specified for the particular bolt, which are generally based on their sizes or use.
  • Following the chart, one can easily get an idea of how much torque needs to be given and hence the procedure can be done perfectly and safely.
  • Hence, tightening torque is one of the factors associated with torque that makes up a huge significance in the world of machinery. It is with that one fundamental thing that many applications around us work, which is a very overwhelming thought!

Insights on tightening torque

Now that we know the importance of tightening torque and how it associates itself with torque, we must next use the values implemented with it for proper use. One must bear in mind the significance of this factor and how it determines the life of products in the design stage itself.

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