Dash Serviced Suites – The Best Jordan Accommodation For Rent

Hong Kong life is something that you should experience. Finding a place to stay for a few weeks can be a challenge. You have plenty of options to choose from. But according to travelers, one of the best places to stay is Dash Serviced Suites. This place has the quickest access to the Kowloon businesses and other industrial districts.

The Dash Serviced Suites is near the Jordan MTR Station and the Airport Express, the bus as well as the minibus and taxi services are available 24/7. Easy transportation is just one of the reasons why you have to choose Dash Serviced Suites when you are in town. Here are the reasons why many tourists choose Dash Serviced Suites for their accommodation needs.

The Suite Types

When you are in the city, you would want a place for to comfortably stay for a certain period of time. The Dash Serviced Suites has the following suite types available for you to rent:

The Dash Queen.

If you want a spacious place to stay in for a minimum of 28 days, this is the perfect suite to choose. It is 200-400 square feet that have large wardrobes as well as convertible smart beds. These suites have a queen-sized bed and the linens are custom made by Cottex, the Australian bedding experts. The suite has a 39” plasma TV that has Apple TV and Now TV. It is also equipped with walk-in showers where you can use their German bath products. They also have a fully stocked kitchen, a refrigerator, and a stove top. Free Wi-fi access is also provided.

The Dash Standard.

If you need an economical serviced suite for a minimum of 28 days, this is the best choice for you. It has a 32” plasma TV that has Apple TV and Now TV. This suite also has custom beddings and linens from Cottex. You can choose from a queen and single bed set-ups.Their walk-in showers are also full of German bath products. The kitchen is fully stocked as well with a refrigerator to store your food and beverages in. This suite also comes with complimentary Wi-fi access.

Dash Serviced Suites- Additional Services Offered

Housekeeping Service. Each of us would want to stay in a well-maintained and clean space. This is why at Dash Serviced Suites, they offer housekeeping service weekly. You can also request for additional sessions if needed except during weekends and public holidays.

Shared Office Space. The Dash Serviced Suites offers Compass offices where you can share office space for up to 1 month which is included as a bonus on your stay. This is the best way to set-up your business in Hong Kong.

Gym Pass. If you don’t want to miss out on your regular gym schedules, when you stay at Dash Serviced Suites, you will get a free pass to the nearest gym. You can choose from weight, yoga, or maybe you just want to go for a run.

If you are looking for a rent serviced apartment in Jordan Hong Kong, there’s no other place to stay than in Dash Serviced Suites. They have high-quality amenities and world class customer services. So if you are in Jordan for a holiday or to start your business in Hong Kong, renting a place is the most convenient and cost-effective for you.

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