Which is the best inverter type for your home?

Inverters are one of the most popular energy backup solutions in India. They work in conjunction with a battery to reserve electricity from the main line and supply in whenever there is an electrical outage. Being in India, power cuts aren’t uncommon and I’m sure every locality goes through this ordeal at some point of time or another. Now normally generators are a more viable alternative to “Generating” electricity but the short duration of power cuts and the high maintenance of a diesel generator don’t really warrant it a second thought in our minds. Now the inverter market does have options on a few different types of inverters and I’m going to help you chose a perfect model according to your needs.


  1. Sine Wave Inverters: These are usually the most common types of inverters that you would expect to find today in most households. Their popularity can be mainly attributed to the fact they sine wave inverters produce electricity similar to what you would expect from a normal electrical line. No buzzing or any additional noise can be heard if you are using a sine wave inverter and they are great for running everyday appliances like TV’s, Washing machines, refrigerators, Computers and so on. They are usually the best inverter online that you can buy, owing to their rugged dependability and availability of spare parts.
  2. Modified Sine wave inverters: Now these aren’t really the same as sine wave inverters but they can be used for appliances that a normal sine wave inverter wouldn’t really handle. Modified sine waves are essentially a hybrid between sine wave inverters and square wave inverters. And because of which, they can used to run appliances that require constant flow of direct energy but is still regulated upto some extent. Microwaves are a great example of such a device which struggles to run on sine wave inverters. However the main caveat of modified sine wave inverters is that they cannot handle appliances that have motor controls.
  3. Solar Inverters: As the name suggests, these inverters are especially made to run from solar energy. They have a three core components, i.e. the Inverter itself, the Battery and lastly a solar panel. The best thing about this type of inverter is that it causes no pollution and requires no power to provide backup. However these inverters are still at their relative infancy and might be a little too expensive and unreliable for the average household.
  4. Square Wave inverters: These are probably the oldest inverters in existence. They operate completely on DC current and in during operations often ten to make a humming or buzzing noise. They are generally regarded as unsafe for running most modern appliances as most of them are now tuned to run in AC, which is a far cleaner and managed energy type. However, they find most use in industries running heavy machinery because of their linear power delivery.

In conclusion, if you are picking a best buy inverter for your home, then sine wave is your best bet because it works seamlessly with all the other appliances and don’t pose any risks of electrical malfunction.

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