Use A Makeup PRIMER – Make A Difference!

Urban Decay primer

If you have been putting on makeup for a while now and you have not tried using a makeup primer, then you are really missing out the importance of this beauty product. Every makeup gurus and beauty vloggers never fail to advise their readers and watchers to never miss out on the makeup primer.

            It can make a huge difference. Primer is one of the “must haves” on your makeup kit. When you are wearing a full face makeup, you would want to keep it simple. Bb cream and a lip and cheek tint will usually do the trick. However, you should always have a makeup primer if you want to prevent shine and have a smooth base before you apply your foundation.

Why Is Makeup Primer Important?

            Many usually skip this since they think that they don’t really need it. However, if you want to create a smoother base for your foundation, and if you want to last it longer, then you need a primer like the Urban Decay primer. There are plenty of makeup primer formulas that are available for purchase in the market these days. You have cream, gel and even powder for you to choose from.

            When a moisturizer smoothens the skin, the makeup primer prepares your skin for your moisturizer or your foundation. It can hold these products and make it last all throughout the day. There are primers which are silicone-based polymers which gives it a soothing effect. But if you are having issues with cystic acne, you can patch test first to avoid allergic reactions from the ingredients of the product.

Urban Decay primer

PRIMER – Why Use Your Fingers?

            If you have watched makeup tutorials online, you will notice that they apply the makeup primer using their fingertips especially when you are applying to a large area. This is a “spot-treat” technique which can give you a more natural finish. Make sure that you massage the makeup primer onto your skin to help the blood circulate underneath your skin.

Primer Is A “Life-Saver”

            During extreme weather conditions, like a really hot or humid weather, and even during cold or dry temperature days, a primer can help hold your makeup for a longer period. If you do not want to retouch your makeup every couple of hours, it is best that you apply a primer to hold everything together.

Use Primer For A “No Makeup” Look

            There are days that you want your skin to breathe from all the beauty products that you apply to it. Or maybe, for the days that you are too tired to put on a full-face makeup, you can use a primer on its own. If you want to look more polished than the “just woke up” look, Primer should be your answer to that. A primer can also be used on your eyelids and you can double it as an eyeshadow. This is also the best alternative if you don’t want to use foundation.

As you can see, Primer is more than just preparing your face for your daily makeup routine. It can even be used on its own! So if you don’t have it in your makeup kit yet, it is time to get one for you. Use it and you will clearly notice the difference.

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