3 Cake Options for Summer Lunch Parties

Summers are a fun time to wear all your summer clothes, tie up your hair, bring out the sunscreens and enjoy summer sundowner parties. Summers brighten up the days and shorten the nights making people walk to work hard and party harder unlike the terrible winters! If you are planning to throw a fun lunch party during the summer heat, it is best to keep the food platter fresh, light on the stomach with a dessert that is equally fresh and light weight as well.

Here are some of the best cakes that you can order for your summer lunch party that won’t leave the guests feeling extremely stuffed and lethargic –

 Sour cream pound cake

This is a yummy fresh cake recipe which is perfect for hot summers. The cake is super simple to bake and easy to serve as well. The cake is baked with regular white flour, eggs, butter cream and sour cream. Since it is so rich in flavors, you don’t really need to add a layer of heavy cream or butter cream on top. You can simple cut some fresh fruits, put in some maple syrup and serve with fresh vanilla ice cream! Not only is the recipe really easy to bake, it is also a no-mess serving option for people who can never get the cake slices right!

Lemon Berry Shortcake

This cake is not very sweet, has a very soft sponge cake either by itself or layered over each other and has a filling of only fresh whipped cream. The fresh lemon juice and fresh cut strawberries add a beautiful fruit punch to the cake making it the perfect dessert for a sunny afternoon. The fresh whipped cream is fluffy, airy and extremely light on the stomach as well. You can either prepare this by yourself or if you have a large group of people coming over, you can place an online cake delivery in Udaipur or any place across India for minimal delivery charges.

Classic Strawberry cake

You can never really go wrong with berries in summer! The classic strawberry cake is the perfect cake for a sweet and sour taste which is not only fresh but also healthy! The cake is pink in color from the colors of the strawberry juices and fresh cut strawberries in each layer of the cream. Usually, people like butter cream for their cake layers and icing but if you want the cake to be light weight, you can opt for a fresh whipped cream icing and filling instead. These cakes can be easily found at any bakery across the country or even for online cake delivery in Udaipur or other smaller towns.

Apart from these options, you can always go for lime cakes, carrot cakes, pineapple cakes and other such fruit-based cakes instead of heavy butter cream cakes and chocolate cakes. Chocolate cakes are generally very heavy on the stomach so its best to avoid those cakes in summers along with cheesecakes and caramel cakes.

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