Simple Tips to Follow in Order to Improve Your Internet Connection Upload Speed

The use of internet does not involve just downloading files, streaming videos online, and playing online video games. It also involves uploading files which is the process of transferring files from a computer onto the internet. Common sites or applications wherein uploading files is a usual process are Google drive, iCloud, and Flickr. There are also many other applications and sites where uploading happens

Regardless of which site you are using to upload files, it can be really frustrating to upload if the speed of the internet is so slow. This is indeed true especially when you want to upload files quickly. With that being said, improving your internet connection upload speed is really a priority. If you want to know some tips to do that, this article will teach them to you.

Focus on Uploading First Before Downloading

Although an upload and download bandwidth of an internet connection are different, the both of them still affect each other. It does not mean that when you download large files, you can still upload large files simultaneously at maximum speeds. Thus, what you should do in order to improve your internet connection upload speed is to prioritize your uploading first before downloading. You can do this by pausing your downloads and focusing first on your uploads. After uploading your files quickly, you can then proceed to your downloads.

Do not Upload Other Files

Aside from not downloading files while uploading, you should also consider the number of files you are uploading. If you are uploading multiple large files, make sure that all of them are of the same priority. Otherwise, pause the other uploads first and upload the other files that you need first to be done. After uploading such files, you can then proceed to the other ones.

Check Your Upload Speed

Another useful way to improve your internet connection upload speed is to monitor your upload bandwidth. With this, you will be able to know if the upload speed you are getting matches that of the upload speed that you are availing from your internet service provider. You can test internet speed charter using a tool. After testing, you can know if your upload speed matches that of what you are paying for.

When you visit the website called can use the free tool for determining your upload and download bandwidth. Try to use their reliable tool to gauge your internet upload bandwidth.


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