3 Cake Options for Summer Lunch Parties

Summers are a fun time to wear all your summer clothes, tie up your hair, bring out the sunscreens and enjoy summer sundowner parties. Summers brighten up the days and shorten the nights making people walk to work hard and party harder unlike the terrible winters! If you are planning to throw a fun lunch party during the summer heat, it is best to keep the food platter fresh, light on the stomach with a dessert that is equally fresh and light weight as well.

Here are some of the best cakes that you can order for your summer lunch party that won’t leave the guests feeling extremely stuffed and lethargic –

 Sour cream pound cake

This is a yummy fresh cake recipe which is perfect for hot summers. The cake is super simple to bake and easy to serve as well. The cake is baked with regular white flour, eggs, butter cream and sour cream. Since it is so rich in flavors, you don’t really need to add a layer of heavy cream or butter cream on top. You can simple cut some fresh fruits, put in some maple syrup and serve with fresh vanilla ice cream! Not only is the recipe really easy to bake, it is also a no-mess serving option for people who can never get the cake slices right!

Lemon Berry Shortcake

This cake is not very sweet, has a very soft sponge cake either by itself or layered over each other and has a filling of only fresh whipped cream. The fresh lemon juice and fresh cut strawberries add a beautiful fruit punch to the cake making it the perfect dessert for a sunny afternoon. The fresh whipped cream is fluffy, airy and extremely light on the stomach as well. You can either prepare this by yourself or if you have a large group of people coming over, you can place an online cake delivery in Udaipur or any place across India for minimal delivery charges.

Classic Strawberry cake

You can never really go wrong with berries in summer! The classic strawberry cake is the perfect cake for a sweet and sour taste which is not only fresh but also healthy! The cake is pink in color from the colors of the strawberry juices and fresh cut strawberries in each layer of the cream. Usually, people like butter cream for their cake layers and icing but if you want the cake to be light weight, you can opt for a fresh whipped cream icing and filling instead. These cakes can be easily found at any bakery across the country or even for online cake delivery in Udaipur or other smaller towns.

Apart from these options, you can always go for lime cakes, carrot cakes, pineapple cakes and other such fruit-based cakes instead of heavy butter cream cakes and chocolate cakes. Chocolate cakes are generally very heavy on the stomach so its best to avoid those cakes in summers along with cheesecakes and caramel cakes.

Resume writing tips for you

There are many reasons why you could be searching for other job. May be you are bored with the career path which you have selected when you were graduated or you want a small change in the particular field you are working now or may be some other reasons.

Whatever the reason may be, an effective resume is an essential thing. The fact is the resume alone will not help you to get the job you are craving for. But a great resume can help you to step in to the next step in the interview process. In order to create a powerful resume you have to follow the below tips.

Gather your information: in order to prepare a powerful resume you must be aware of the joining date and relieving date of your old jobs and all your academic details.

Select a layout: Once you have decided to start writing your resume, try to find the format. In the selected format you have to describe yourself and your skills in the best light.

Gather all your information together: this will greatly helps you to get an organized resume and will prevent you from overlooking any essential pieces of information.

Get the best template online: you can easily get many different types of templates online. Among them you can select the one which will be suitable for your profession.

Review and proofread: Once you have completed your resume try to review it and proof it as many times possible. This proofreading will help you to correct your mistakes.

These are some of the tips which will greatly help you to write your resume by yourself.  Another easy ways to get your resume done is by hiring a Healthcare resume writing service providers. You can find plenty of resume writing providers online among them you have to find the one who is suitable for your profession. There are some providers who will write resume for some particular professionals and some will provide service for all professionals. The choice is yours; you can select the one who is capable of completing your work effectively.

What do you know about the guided meditation?

According to a famous psychologist, “Meditation is mind without agitation”. It is really true, when you practice the meditation for longer, you can definitely able to lead a successful and healthy life. In fact, the meditation can help the person to take charge of their own nervous system and emotions. Some studies have shown that improved ability can regulate the emotions in the brain. However, it is quite difficult to grasp the attention for the first time. If you become familiar with the meditation, then you may like to guide your friends or your loved one. At such case, you need know how to lead a guided meditation.

Know about guided meditation!

Basically, you should understand that meditation is an act of focusing the mind to relax and improving inner awareness. And of course, it gives you the chance of improving your positive mental and physical changes. As everyone knows, meditation is a brain changing experience and you should know the effectiveness of the best guided meditation. Let’s see about choosing the guided meditation.

  • Guided meditations are presented by the teacher to the students who are expected to be repeating the process.
  • These kinds of the guided meditations can work better when the listener gives freedom. In fact, a good guided meditation is something in which people can see themselves regardless of their situation.
  • Normally, guided meditations are tending to be in slow pace. Therefore, one can easily grasp everything about the meditation.
  • As the guided meditations are highly focusing on the emotional and the imagery content, it can help to connect the people with emotions and memories.

All these things are given about the guided meditation and therefore, you can simply practice the things in the way you like. Of course, there are a large number of guided meditation centers available and therefore, you can rush out there to get your practice. If you are want to know more details about how to lead a guided meditation and its features, then the internet can be the perfect place to go.

Ideal Way to Order a Wedding Cake

The wedding is a memorable event in every individual’s life. You will get excited the moment your wedding date is announced. That day onwards you will hear wedding bells and fly high in the air. Now, this feeling will get converted to anxiety within no time, and you want to get everything perfect. Several arrangements are seeking your attention in a wedding and ordering cake is one among them. You may think that it is a trivial thing, but the most crucial act in a wedding next to tying knot is cutting cakes.  Follow this post to know the right steps to take for making cake cutting event a grand gala in your marriage.

Tip 1 – Decide on the venue of your marriage first. How do the marriage venue and cake get connected? Yes, you must check for cake vendors nearby to deliver the cake on time. Cake icing may not last long and hence getting them just before the occasion is essential. So decide on the venue and then start looking for cake providers.

Tip 2 – You must now decide on the menu of the cake. The flavour, colour, pattern, size, etc. must be discussed with your parents and life partner to choose the right cake.

Tip 3 – Keep in mind that the size of the cake must be optimum to make an impact. Not all the audience will eat the cake, but you need to opt for a multi-tier cake to give an attractive look.

Tip 4 – Once you decide on the cake menu, and then start looking for cake shops in and around the marriage venue based on the cake choice. Understand that not all cake makers will be specialist in all kinds of cake.

Tip 5 – You can also check for online cake delivery in Chandigarh one who can get the cake to your venue in such a way the decoration and icing remain long for several hours. Ordering online makes life easy for you need not move around and directly connect with the vendors from online using live chat. You can alternatively make a phone call to inquire the details. Most of the online cake stores will provide detailed information. You can read their FAQ section get more insight than any other part.

Tip 6 – Place the order and make payment to confirm your order. You can stay assured that your cake will be delivered on time to the venue.

Tip 7 – Make sure to let them know about the head count so that they will send necessary plates for serving the cakes.

Tip 8 – Dress yourself for the cake cutting event matching the theme of the cake you ordered. You must look like a bride or groom as this celebration is also prominent as the other marriage rituals.

Follow these simple eight tips to make sure you don’t miss any fun in your marriage. Rejoice a beautiful cake cutting ceremony for your wedding and start your newly married life with all cheer.

Place your order for essay writing on the Studybay site

Drafting an essay is pretty much like spouting your very own experiences and acquired skills from a specific field into the words. For some people, it comes as naturally like the flow of water, but others may find it so challenging. Luckily, there are some writing help centers available through the city to give you the perfect assistance for accomplishing your academic essay writing needs without any hassles. From the different range of the companies, StudyBay is considered as one of the most famous organizations to satisfy your various writing needs. Since this company is accessible through the internet, you can able to explore their services easily online. Well, the Studybay reviews are now available online and you can simply access it to know more about this company.

What do you know about Studybay?

Studybay.com is an auction or bid based writing service where the students can place their orders of writing needs through online. Apart from the students, this platform also provides the exclusive chance for the professional writers who can develop their very own writings to earn money. From this service, the students of high school to the university students can attain their writing requirements with the best standard. In order to place the writing order, you need to contact their online site. As soon as you have placed the order, the task is pasted on the job board.

Well, the bid is open for the site registered writers. Through this online page, the students can also view the profile pages of the writers and attain the details about their samples they have completed. As well as, it is also possible to get the title and other information about the order you have given to the writers. Once they have finished your order, the writings will be posted on the job board. Then, you can make the corresponding payment to download the file.

Of course, the Studybay reviews are also now available through the internet page and therefore, you can read it to explore all their services and amenities in obvious. If you want to know more details, you can surf online.

What You Need to Consider when Buying an Existing Business

Are you planning to be an entrepreneur but do not have a business idea in mind? Why not by an existing business? Here are some of the important things you have to know and consider if you decide to buy one:

business for sale

How to find a business for sale?

If you’re targeting a business based in Toronto, try to call other local businesses so you would get some details about the market in the said area. Business put on sale do not usually announce that they are on sale to avoid negative reactions from the customers and employees. For sure, there are a lot of potential business for sale in Toronto, just take time to call around and you might stumble upon an owner who is actually selling his/her business or know someone who is selling his/her business.

Attend trade shows and industry conferences. These gatherings will be attended by professionals who might be able to help you find right business to purchase.

You may also seek the help of a business broker to find a business for sale for you. Usually, brokers are tapped by business owners to help them find buyers for their business and negotiate the asking price. They will help you determine the business that will match your interests. He/she will also advise you on which businesses to avoid.

Sellers also make listings for their business on online websites like Business for Sale in Toronto. These websites will help you search for prospective business based on your preferred industry, location, and price.

Refer to local newspapers or trade publications for any postings. But you may also create your own ad to catch the attention of owners who are actually selling their businesses.

What are the questions to ask when planning to buy a small business?

  • Why is the business being sold?
  • What is the sales trend? What is the business’ customer base? Who are the current suppliers?
  • What are the overhead costs?
  • Is the business generating profit?
  • What are the existing assets of the business? Does the business have intellectual properties, other than the physical assets? Does it also have any leasing agreements?
  • Is the existing inventory included in the sale? How are the stocks being managed, where are they stored, and how are they distributed?
  • Does the business have debts to settle?
  • Is there a purchase agreement crafted? Review it carefully.
  • What kinds of taxesthat apply to the business that you are targeting?
  • What are the agreements made for the lease?
  • What is the current structure of the business? Is there a need to change it?
  • Is there someone else who’ll purchase the business with you? Did you set a partnership agreement prior to the purchase?
  • What practices, processes, and systems worked and did not work for the business?
  • What expectations should be managed as a business owner?
  • Do you have a marketing plan reflecting the objectives for the business?
  • How much will it cost to buy an existing business? In coming up with an estimate, you should consider the sales, costs, profits, assets, liabilities, tax responsibilities and legal concerns, if there are any.

Steps in Buying a Business:

Gather all the needed information

Work with an advisory team of professionals so you will be able to get the information you need before making the big step of closing the deal. The usual documents that you should secure are the ff:

  • Letter of intent
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Copies of existing contracts and leases
  • Financial statements
  • List of fixtures, equipment, and existing inventory
  • Sales agreements

Assess the value of the business

To come up with a reasonable value estimate of the business that you are eyeing, consider the performance of the business in terms of cash flow and its existing assets. Make sure that you do not just rely on the historical record of the company but also consider its potential growth in setting an estimated value. A professional such as an accountant and a broker might be able to help you with this.

Close the sale

Apart from making the payment, you must also prepare other necessary documents and agreement forms to finally close the deal with the seller.

Addiction Treatment: Taking the First Vital Step

In the majority of cases, people seeking drug and alcohol treatment of their own volition. Some enter as a result of health problems and others by referral through the legal system, their employers or family members. For this reason, they often enter facilities with strong feelings of anger about being forced to seek treatment and can be grappling with emotions like such as guilt, shame, depression, and anxiety.

alcohol treatment

It is not always because people are unwilling to get healthy that they enter into rehab reluctantly. Many are in denial that there’s a problem at all.

And some have masked their illness from those close to them with such success that they are able to continue using without guilt. Often people who have become heavily addicted to substances will be afraid of the detox and rehab process although more often than not, their fears are based on urban myths rather than factual knowledge.

Despite the fact that most people entering rehab have been guided there by third parties, a large number of people decide independently to seek help for a wealth of different reasons. Some may have experienced a reality check that affected them on a personal level very deeply and others might have become aware of the effects of their destructive behaviors on their loved ones, career or education.

The fact remains; when patients have made the decision to check-in to a drug and alcohol treatment center, they have taken the first and most significant step towards a new life in sobriety.

What Is Early Stage Rehabilitation Like?

In the very early stages of a rehab program at a drug and alcohol treatment center, patients may be going through a period of contemplation and preparation for change. Irrespective of their motivation for entering the center, people tend to have ambivalent feelings about abstinence. Even those with a commitment to giving up drugs can have a tenuous commitment to recovery because they simply can’t imagine coping with life without using.

It is at this stage of treatment that patients can be at their most resistant to changing the way they think and feel which is why a treatment program will focus initial efforts on assessment and counseling. People who have abused substances for a long time will also have developed an attachment to the surroundings they used in, which can prevent them from fully participating in a treatment program in the first few days.

Research has shown that an addicted brain is abnormally conditioned as a result of substance abuse and for many addicts, environmental cues surrounding drug use are part of their addiction.

What Does Early Stage Addiction Treatment Consist Of?

The main objective in the early days of addiction treatment is to defeat denial and resistance, which is almost invariably present in patients when they are first admitted. Individual and group therapy is an integral part of the treatment for people at the start of a program and is used alongside counseling and assessment to get a complete picture of each individual patient’s medical, physical, psychological and emotional needs.

The next step is to create a personalized program for each patient that addresses the issues underlying addiction as well as any physical issues once detox has been completed.

A treatment program represents a journey from cessation through to recovery and beyond, during which time patients accumulate an arsenal of weapons to combat their issues.

There is a wealth of medical and complementary therapies available for treatment of addiction including mindfulness practices such as yoga and experiential treatments like equine-assisted therapy to suit all preferences and requirements. In essence, specialist rehabilitation from alcohol and drug addiction is the gateway to a more effective, healthier lifestyle in which close personal relationships are happier, careers are more successful, studies more productive and the future looks a whole lot brighter.

Experienced Attorney To Reach A Sound Agreement

Whenever you have decided to move forward from the relationship and come to a decision of leaving your partner legally, the best option is New Way Brisbane Divorce Lawyers. They are constantly kept busy helping their clients during their traumatic times, with their years of experience and willingness to help people with their expertise. You can take them as not only your attorney but personal supporter also whenever you require help. They are known for their professionalism and ethics to listen their client carefully what he/she have to say along with a response using their proficient information, guidance and representation.

New Way Brisbane lawyers make you sure they provide the best possible outcome to facilitate your relevant needs to be met in all manners. Because they truly care about their clients and also make the entire process of legal separation easier with the intention that they don’t have required indulging in such complex court proceedings for a prominent outcome.

Furthermore, they assign to advance the availability of legal resources for the benefits yet no matter whatever your issues are. And that’s the reason, they have proven to be the greatest and best suited firms for everyone considering divorce. Therefore, it is advisable and also favorable for you to receive help from New Way Brisbane divorce lawyers.

Have a look at the advantages when you exploitage the services of such divorce lawyers:-

  • Apt advice for relevant issues- Divorce as everyone knows is actually a mental blight during the time. A person might feel depressed and actually not in condition to think about legal separation or divorce but Brisbane divorce lawyers help such individuals legally and sensitively with their advice and guidance also regarding the associated issues.
  • Complete Documentation- In order to go for a court settlement you have to be prepared for such frantic documentation because it can affect your case badly. But once you go with New Way divorce lawyers you will surely be pleased with them as they very are concerned regarding the paper work and do accurate and relevant filling of documents so that you can have excellent backup if required.
  • Out of court settlement- Apart from legal documentation New Way Brisbane lawyers can assist you with doing an out of court settlement; if you don’t wish to go through such unpleasant court hearings.

New Way Brisbane divorce lawyers welcome you, understand you and show you empathy in such stressful time whenever you go with them. They are dedicated to helping the individuals in their difficult time in every manner. It is highly advantageous to have them as your companion at that time as they not only let you know how law applies in your case but also how you will succeed.

In a few words, it can be said that having someone who understands you during your mental agony and give you not only solutions but also help you to come out from the situation without having any kind of stress then New Way Brisbane Divorce Lawyers are the only option for you. They always do the needful things in every matter and rest assured they will be able to provide you with assistance in your all the legal necessities. Simply contact New Way Lawyers and let all of your worries go away right now!

Use Vacuumpal cleaner and bye to dusts

With lot of improvements in science, there are many new equipments are introducing to reduce the work load of human beings. In our day to day life people are making their life very easy and it is possible now. In this article I will tell you one best equipment which helps you to clean your home with ease.

Vacuum cleaner is the right one which comes with lot of facilities to do cleaning works. Some people may not have much knowledge about it and they do not know about the use of it. But once if you understand the importance and its working in our home surely you never miss that. The awareness of using vacuum cleaner is spreading everywhere and now people understand about the use of it.

You no need to search it anywhere and it will be available in online stores. Now people are search the best one in various shops and online. When you are spending your valuable money in one place it should have some value. There are many different types available with various features and benefits.

You should not allow the wrong ones to reach you so you have to be awake all time to get right ones. Click this www.vacuumpal.com to get the best equipment for cleaning process and it is handheld machine. It is having the ability to give you everything and also very safety. It will never give you any harm or danger to any of your family members. If you are new in using those products then you have to get the detailed information about its process and all the things you need. Make your order in online and use the discounts available in it. Start using the best vacuum cleaner in your home and live dust free all time.

5 Mind Blowing Office Gadgets To Own

This article is worth the read and believe me, if I can write this at the very start then I genuinely think that it will be useful to you. Today, sitting in my chair at the office thinking about the every thing that consumes my time, I make a list of everything that I could save a little time on, to make important stuff easier to do. So then after surfing the entire working day about things that can make my work a little easier, I now write this article to share my founding to you. Please read :

1. DeskCycle

Working all the time at your desk for long stretches at a time in case of deadlines and lots of loads of work, keeping yourself free from the growing pains and body stiffness might be a difficult task to do. Deskcycle is a simple and compact mini cycle cum exercise machine bike that helps you burn calories and also works wonderfully regarding overall health, mood and brain power. So while at work, taking pedalling breaks is your step to fitness and smartwork.

2. USB Powered Cup Warmer

Emergency time it is, you are all worked up and then you think – Wait! Coffee might help! But then you settle down again, for there is no time to waste walking to the canteen and waiting in line for a cup of coffee that takes almost ages to boil and come out hot. And sometimes you are enjoying the coffee and then you are called for an immediate meeting that too seems to last for ages. This cup warmer then, has come to my (and yours now) rescue. This is as simple as like charging your phone. Yea, just plug the warmer and see your coffee remain warm as long as you wish.

3. The iStick Desktop Organizer

Oh yes, this is the one thing I am dying to own. With all the clutter that keeps annoying me every time I look at my desk, this has surely fallen like a gift from the heavens. A simple organizer, this multi-function desktop organiser features a cup holder, pen holder, letter opener, slot for your favourite photos, memo pad box, business card box, multi-storage box, mobile phone slot, multi-card reader (Micro SD, SD/MMC, XD, MS/MS PRO DUO), 3-port USB hub and a paper holder. Now tell me, what else does one need at the office for a perfect organizer. Personally, a must have I’d say.

4. Ostrichpillow

Okay, so here is one reason why you should really thank your workplace – They let you have power naps. And then you really have one reason to thank me – For introducing to you this wonderful piece of technology’s boon to humankind, that works that is. This pillow is a mini sized cloth of heaven, magically designed to suit your head shape and acting along perfectly well to let you have a refreshing and peaceful power naps that help you work extra efficiently.

5. Henry Desk Vacuum

Now the revolutionary vacuum cleaning company is back with this mini version of its previous immensely successful product – The Vacuum Cleaner. Yes, the henry office desk cleaner is a simple mini vacuum cleaner that mainly helps you in cleaning the dust and crumbs that somehow, however clean you try to put it, come up and settle on your desk. Specially, this one is computer savy as it helps you clean up shining surface.

So now that I found these extremely helpful, why don’t you check them out. I think they are really helpful to every person for any kind of office. Here is another amazing news for you. They are the exciting Amazon Offers and Amazon Cashback at Savemonk. Try them all out soon and yes, tell me how you liked them.

Peaceful Working.