Make your gaming work better with Mocute 054

The MOCUTE 054 is subsequent of our extravagance pads for the PlayStation 4 plus it’s also available for PC gamers. Like its contestant (the Nacon Revolution Pro) this controller was intended precisely with eSports pros in mind. For this cause, you can anticipate high-quality resources to feature through the unit, confirming both high performance plus a long life. In terms of weight, design plus ergonomics, the MOCUTE 054 has been verified and refined with a focus on actual long gaming terms indeed.

The layout is not at all that diverse from the official PlayStation 4 controller, in fact: two high-precision twigs, the D-Pad, the four machine-driven action switches, two shoulder and trigger switches and the Share, Options plus PS buttons. There are, though, four completely programmable multifunction switches to fiddle around with, in addition to two detachable trigger switches on the bottom. There’s moreover a “Quick Control Panel” with four switches on the lower verge of the controller, which lets you make instant adjustments to the volume, microphone, profile plus other functions.

Once again there’s awkwardly no wireless choice for the MOCUTE 054, however, it seems that’s the value you pay for all these additional bells and whistles. There is a minimum another three-meter cord to play with, which must prove ample for even the maximum generous gaming room arrangements.

While there’s little competition on value, the potentials of the MOCUTE 054 really speak for themselves. It is got everything you might want: interchangeable constituents, wireless and wired process, as well as high excellence build materials plus electronics that confirm a long and creative life for the gamepad.

The sticks, control knobs plus paddles are made of stainless steel, as well as the new low-friction rings on the sticks familiarity less wear. The rubberized Diamond Grip surface offers more comfy haptics plus more stability – and it’s a lot comfier to use over long eras too. The soft-touch finish on the higher side is comfy and non-slip.

There are moreover interchangeable paddles on the rear, lockable triggers, plus an app for regulating all types of things, from trigger power values, to stick sensitivity, shaking strength and so on. You can make macros and profiles for diverse setups as well, serving you create a diverse controller for just around any video game or genre – very calm stuff. Not only does it have remarkably precise sticks plus action buttons, it’s a tough piece of kit too which is great if you are having to share the hard ward with younger gamers.

In adding, there are twelve digital switches, two analog triggers plus shoulder switches, and six axes for gesture detection, inclination as well as acceleration. The touch panel – which acts as a mouse as well as detects directional activities as well as two-point waves – makes the drive of diverse players unique for the camera. Another cool feature is the inbuilt mono speaker, which is used for some atmospheric sound in maintained games. While it’s not an actual configurable device, it is a simple, high excellence unit that you could plug in and get going with

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