July 24, 2024

In case you have a dog at home; you might be having plenty of love for your furry friend, don’t you? Of course, most of the dog owners love their dogs like anything. But unfortunately even today people fail to realize the importance of proper training.

It is Solely Your Fault!

If you are giving training to your dog, it doesn’t mean that your dog is ill-mannered or is less than the fellow dogs in any sense. Actually the reality is that every dog demands some basic training and in case you don’t give it to him, you might be at fault. In case your dog is not behaving in a good way, it is not his fault rather it is yours. After all, if you are not teaching him anything, how can you expect him to behave in the desired manner? It is here when the concept of dog training pops up.

Suppose you never went to school nor your parents taught you anything, now in case you know nothing, it won’t be your fault, and it would be your parent’s mistake because they never introduced you to this concept of learning and training. So, make sure you are not doing it with your dog. Your dog will become as well behaved as he is taught.

It is about Dog’s Safety too!

In case you are thinking that what is this training has to do with safety of your dog, then just admit it that your dog hardly listens to you! Now in such a scenario what if there arises a tough situation or dangerous moment and you call your dog constantly and he neglects? Certainly your dog will bear the consequences, right? Just imagine you are crossing the road and by mistake the collar of your dog gets detached and he runs towards the road where there is a heavy traffic. You call him repeatedly but he avoids because he never really listens to you. And how can you expect him to listen now as well? So, isn’t it really dangerous to not to be trained?

Training Opens Up new Horizons for your furry friend

Whether you believe it or not, a dog that is trained and listens to his master always gets welcomed at most of the places. Whether it is your friend’s house, a street restaurant, or any other place, in

case people observe your dog behaving in a proper manner, it would certainly be good for your fury friend. Your dog’s entry will solely depend on how he behaves. For example, if there is your friend and you tell your dog to sit down and shake hand, and he does so, your friend will certainly pain a positive and impressive picture about your dog.


Thus, the ball is in your court. You have to decide if you want your dog to be cherished or avoided, safe or unsafe! If you want to train your dog right from his early months, you can take help of a Puppy dog trainer.