Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman – General Mistakes You Make With Energy Consumption In The Beginning Of The Year!

Energy consumption bills take up a large portion of your income every month. However, in the beginning of the year, you will find that your power bills are very high primarily because of heating expenses. You use the water heater and appliances a lot. This makes your bills shoot up and in the long run the power bills completely get out of hand. It is here that you must take some simple steps that help you save on power bills and cut costs in the beginning of the year!

Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman- common mistakes that you make with your power bills

Jim Bryne is a skilled and experienced weatherman in the USA who is very popular and well-loved on TV. He and his team besides forecasting the weather also educate people about power consumption and how you can reduce its costs during climate changes. The Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman team says that most people make the common mistake of keeping the thermostat at the same temperature during the year. Little do they know that they are increasing power costs with common mistakes? Now the question that most people ask is what are the small common mistakes that people make when it comes to energy consumption bills in the beginning of the year-

  1. Forgetting to close the doors of rooms- You often will keep the doors of all the rooms open when you are heating up the house. This means even if you are not using them the trapped heat escapes and this makes the rooms colder. It is prudent to only use the room where you need the heater as the heat will be trapped in and will not escape to the other rooms.
  2. Switch off exhaust fans after use- One of the biggest mistakes that people make while cooking and having a hot bath is that they forget to switch off the exhaust fan after use. This makes the heat escape from the rooms and makes the house cold.
  3. Thermostat- Most people find their homes cold the moment they enter it after work. They immediately turn up the thermostat to heat the home fast. This is one of the biggest mistakes they do. Adjust the settings of the thermostat during the year and ensure you buy one that has programmable settings.
  4. Leaks in vents- If you are not regular with maintenance of your heating systems, you will find leaks in vents that causes your systems to malfunction. This means you waste power and the bills that you pay surge. Check these vents with specialist companies to keep power bills in check.

The Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman team says that if you take care of these small mistakes it is easy for you to keep your power bills in check. Winter is an enjoyable time and do not add misery to it by paying extra for power bills. These simple tips will ensure you save a lot on power consumption and help you enjoy the beginning of the year better!

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