Harley Swiftdeer Reagan – Understand The Significance Of The Elk People!

Harley Swiftdeer Reagan – Understand The Significance Of The Elk People!

Animal totems play an important part in your life and every one of you is born with one. Harley Reagan was the Founder of the Deer Tribe Medicine Metis Society that focuses on spiritual teachings and healing techniques for humans. He and his Society focuses on making members aware of the ancient traditions and holistic methods of healing.

Harley Swiftdeer Reagan – The Importance of Elk People

Harley Swiftdeer Reagan and his Society emphasized on the importance of Elk people. The Society says that every person in this world is born in an astrological star that is called an animal totem. The job of this animal totem is to teach and guide people in their lives. There are a total of 12 animal totems that are sitting in the wheel. Theanimal totem that governs your birth sits in the south end of the wheel and it teaches you how to balance your life and create a story of power. You will find that these animal totems do the above in a different manner.

The Society says that Elks are the guardians to the gateways and they take you to the world that is unknown to human beings. This world is the spirit world and their medicine wakens the conscious and helps you to invite fantasy to the light of wisdom. The Elk teaches you to listen to both the lightening and the thunder. It also is called the master of laws and rules. As humans you have karmic debts and the Elk guides you to resolve these debts.

Harley Swiftdeer Reagan – Understand The Significance Of The Elk People!

The totem animal has a compliment totem of The Elk that is called The Deer. This Elk sits on the North of this wheel and all the compliment totem animals give you a reflection that helps you to make your intent real. The Deer teaches you magic, its laws and alchemy. The deer also teaches you natural laws and its power of swiftness. This means the more you are aligned with nature, its elements, powers and world, it is simple for you to attain magic in your life and become awaken while you walk towards the path of light.

There is another animal that is called the Clan animal and that helps you identify with the clan that you belong to. You are able to witness and see your weaknesses and regard them as your strength and vice versa. Yes, this does occur. The focus is that the physical mastery that you have sits in the western part of the wheel. The clan animal for the Elk is The Thunderbird that brings in thunder, rain and lightning. It is also the voice of the higher self and the keeper of your memory.

The Thunderbird looks over the souls of winged birds and communicates with them. It also teaches them the elements of alchemy. Zodiac signs that have the Thunderbird as their Clan animals are the Red Hawk (Aries) Elk (Sagittarius) and Sturgeon (Leo). Harley Swiftdeer Reagan and his society says the Elk is an important part in your life as it guides, protects and gives you value in life.

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