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Do you waste time managing employee schedules and tracking employee in and out times? You need our software Time Clock Boss to cut down on that valuable time you spend on Employee Management.

Time Clock Boss is all in one solution to manage employee time and track their activities. It fully integrates with your system and provides you with one single platform for all activities related to Employee Management. These include employee scheduling, employee time tracking, task management and pay roll activities. Our system has fully customizable features to suit your online needs.

It has features such Shift Switch to Clock in Clock out and Payroll calculations. These comprise the basics of day to day activity management for employees. That includes schedules for employees, task management, recording clock in and clock out timings, recording absences. Reports are generated on the basis of these activities. Report generation can be totally customized from the dash board. HR can select report for one single employee or entire teams. These reports are then used to calculate productivity and pay roll.

The reports and analytical data generated are useful both to HR and Management. It allows you to calculate actual profit v/s cost and also note employee tardiness or time wasted by employees. Further these reports are useful in payroll calculations. They give an overview of how many hours an employee spends in office working. It gives an idea of who is late and who is absent. It marks overtime and punctuality.

Employee scheduling includes setting shifts for employees or switching their shifts. You can now do all this from our dashboard. You can also edit the shift and replicate it to match that of the entire team. Employees can also access this dashboard to view assigned tasks, to check their clock in and clock out times and also to apply for absences. Employers can simply access their account to view employee performance in office to define efficiency and measure profit.

This system is known for its inter-operability and can be accessed via mobile or at remote physical locations. You can simply authorize certain IP addresses from where your employees log in daily. Thus, if you are managing employees across geographies, you can now do this very easily at the click of a button.

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