5 Vital points all Vegas visitors should know before visiting for the first time

Are you coming to Vegas? Congratulations because you’re all set to indulge in 43 million visitors to the neon-laden paradise. The mesmerising shows, the unforgettable restaurants, the lavishness of shopping and the multiple attractions which range from mild to wild, Las Vegas has got something to offer to people with different kinds of budget.

We, here, have prepared a list of the various tips which you require knowing in order to heighten your enjoyment and avert unnecessary expenses and waiting times. If you wish to remember your Orlando and Vegas vacation forever, follow the guide given below to visit this place like a pro.

  1. Walking everywhere won’t be possible

Much unlike to what they initially appear, all hotels are farther apart from one another. The Strip is close to 4 miles long and you will take at least 15-30 minutes to reach out to another hotel of your wish. However, before you complete a weekend in Vegas, you’ll find yourself taking cabs to commute from one place to the other. Nevertheless, don’t forget to walk at least once on the Strip as there are exciting walkways and elevators which offer you lots of opportunities to click photos.

  1. Drinks shouldn’t be bought in the casino

Are you a casino lover? If you’ve decided to play video poker or slots or other table games, don’t make the mistake of buying cocktails at the casino bar. Keep waiting unless the waitress asks you for cocktail. So that you can continue with your gambling efforts, the casinos provide you with free cocktails but if you keep waiting, you can save your dollars. It is always better to start off early in the casino floor.

Orlando and Vegas vacation

  1. Bring cash with you as ATMs will charge you hefty dollars

Unless you end up locating your own bank ATM, the basic fee that you’ll be charged at majority of the Vegas ATMs is around $5.99. Although this is a charge which might not bother the rich, but it starts getting really old and adds up too fast for the mediocre. So, if you wish to visit Vegas, make sure your wallet is stacked with cash.

  1. The art in Vegas is praise-worthy

You will find sculptures designed by famous artists in the lobbies of hotels, in check-in desks and even on the street. Even there are few hotels like The Cosmopolitan and Bellagio which have their personal galleries where they display their unique collections that they’ve collected from all throughout the world. You even have the Picasso restaurant that has got adequate drawings, sculptures and paintings done by the late artist.

  1. Avert dining at the peak dinner times

6-8 pm is considered as the peak dinner time of Vegas. In case you have a flexible schedule, try to complete your dinner between either 5-5.30 or 8.30-9.00, especially when you’re visiting a buffet. Queues can get unmanageable during the peak dinner times and the huge time that you spend standing in the queue can be spent somewhere else.

So, now that you know the different tips to follow if you’re all set for your vacation in Vegas, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and book your tickets to this paradise on Earth.

Updated Pocket-Friendly Hotel Search: A Traveler’s Complete Handbook Revealed

Traveling is fun if you’re not forced to pay too much for everything. In the first place, you came to that area to relax and not to spend all your savings. The struggle of a traveler starts even before you step a foot in a foreign land. Thus, preparing things is way more convenient than a random on-the-spot decision making. Organizing your itinerary and accommodation is a must. And this article will give you hints on the best places to choose for a good night sleep.

If you are planning to visit Hong Kong, you will worry less about your budgeting. Basically, there are many different hotel in Hong Kong. But, before deciding where to stay, you should be aware of the types of accommodation first. In that way, you will have better budget management for entertainment purposes.

Types of Hotels

Right now, the accessibility of booking a hotel is just at the fingertips. In just one click, you can find various options to choose from. Even the customization of your travel itineraries can be organized on the internet. Yes, the convenience of mobile apps for hotel booking is easy. Yet, most people get stuck on deciding which hotel fits their need and budget. To give you an overview, take a look at the enumeration onward.

  • Airport Hotels

People who have canceled flights or those with a sudden change of schedule find this option a good grab. This kind of hotel is built-in or can be few walks away from the airport. If you have busy schedules of changing flights and doesn’t travel too much in the city, then this option is suitable for you.

  • Suite Hotels

The target market for suite hotels are the professionals. Suites are like condominiums. It has a separate bedroom, living room and a place to receive some guests. The price may not be friendly for budget travelers but professionals find it handy.

  • Business Hotels

This kind of hotel is a place by which most travel agencies choose most of the time. With its accessibility near the downtown, tourists have an easier time in finding best places in town. Group tours are mostly accommodated in business hotels. Also, it provides free local telephone calls, breakfast, and other complementary features.

  • Bed and Breakfast

A bed and breakfast option is suitable for individuals who want to be accommodated by a local. Basically, you will be living near or inside the house of the owner. By the time you plan your visit, you can arrange the setting if the owner will prepare home-cooked meals for you. Yes, you can have other friends to stay with you in that place as well but only if the house can accommodate everyone. Most of the time, the owner will be preparing your breakfast so there’s no need to worry about morning rush.

  • Convention Centres

Conference and convention centres are ideal for people who will attend seminars and meetings. If you are an attendee who doesn’t want to miss a chance to meet the speaker, you can opt for this too. Everything needed for a conference will be available as per request. Thus, you need not carry those huge speakers from your hometown.

For every type of hotel you prefer, always examine the possibilities. From road accessibility up to the facilities, you need to compare the price of each. Don’t get too excited to get the discount from a particular hotel. If that promotional discount is located far from the city, you may still not be happy with the results. Check the place. Read some reviews. And, compare all the categorization on your list.

Beautiful Scenic Spots in Kerala Perfect for Photography

If you want to visit God’s country, you can select from Kerala tour packages that offer many options to enjoy Kerala. Kerala is the southernmost state of India. It has its distinct culture and cuisine. You can rejuvenate your holidays in Ayurvedic resorts or visit other wonderful spots.

Kerala is a leading destination for those who want to have a relaxing time and enjoy photography. Here are a few popular scenic spots that you must visit for sure:


The flora of this region is still preserved in pristine condition and is incredibly diverse. This area is a historic significance because of prehistoric engravings and Mesolithic artifacts. There are various hill stations in the district including Sulthan Bathery, Mananthavady, Vythiri, and Kalpatta.


This area is dotted with several awesome sights. The photography enthusiasts would find this place to be perfect for pictures that truly inspire.

Vellari Mala

No other place can match the beauty of Vellari Mala. If you want to come close to nature, this place is perfect with many mesmerizing waterfalls, unending rolling landscape, and myriad cascades. It is a home to many species of birds and a famous picnic spot among locals.


India is dotted with numerous beautiful natural sounds and sights but the mountains retreat of Munnar is truly special. Munnar is one of the most visited mountains by domestic and foreign travellers. The key features that add to the beauty of this place are the rivulets, gardens, and colonial bungalows. If you are fond of trekking and mountain biking, you can find many trials in this area that open up various wonderful sights.


It is a small village located a short distance away from Munnar. It is a great scenic location for a unique taste of village life amidst the beautiful hills of the south. Vattavada is considered one of the best places for watching birds.


Mattupetty is gradually emerging as a premier tourist attraction. It is immaculately green and sooth to the eyes. It is a delight for nature enthusiasts. The entire area is a crisscrossed by cascades and rivulets. Those interested in outdoor activities might go trekking or mountain biking. A key attraction in Mattupetty is the dam that features a massive reservoir of water.

Are you planning your holiday in Kerala? If yes then choose the right package. The good Kerala tour packages are packed in different flavours in the form of Ayurveda treatment, trekking, wildlife, backwater tourism and sight-seeing package.

Looking for Flights from Bangalore to Pune? Consider These 5 Airlines!

Despite having a number of airlines in the country, there are only a handful of them that can transform travelling into a seamless experience. So, if your next trip is compelling you to travel from Bangalore to Pune, here are top 5 flights you can consider.

Nobody knows the arduousness to choose an airline from several options other than a person who travels often. Considering a myriad of carriers available out there, it becomes necessary to be cautious while putting your bet on one.

largest airlines

Here is a curated list of top airlines that you can choose if you are looking for Flights from Bangalore to Pune. Before taking the leap of faith and booking your tickets, check out these flights, assess their pros and cons, and then decide.

  1. SpiceJet:

Established in 2005, SpiceJet is the third largest airline in the country. Every single day, this airline operates more than 300 flights to almost 55 destinations, which includes 45 domestic and 10 international. This airline holds a record of carrying the largest number of domestic passengers. Its main hubs are at Hyderabad, Delhi, and Kolkata.

  1. GoAir:

This is another airline that started its operations in 2005. Based in Mumbai, this airline has some of the most affordable flights. Back in July 2017, GoAir grabbed the position of a fifth largest airline in the country. From its hubs located at Kolkata, Mumbai, and Delhi, GoAir operates approximately 140 flights to more than 20 cities every day.

  1. IndiGo:

Not just in terms of passengers carried, but IndiGo is one of the largest airlines in terms of the number of fleets as well. Since its commencement in 2006, this airline managed to get a hold on more than 45 destinations with its international and domestic flights. Although its hub is in Delhi, IndiGo can still make the journey to other cities easier.

  1. Air India:

Air India is another airline that you can consider for your flights to Pune from Bangalore. This government-owned carrier has some of the largest aircrafts that will surely make your journey hassle-free. Not just domestic carrier, but Air India is one of the largest international airlines as well. Furthermore, it is also a member of Star Alliance; hence, you can always enjoy extra benefits.

  1. Jet Airways:

Since 1993, Jet Airways has been a well-acknowledged and most trusted airline. In July 2017, this airline got the position of the second largest airlines in the country. With over 300 flights operating to more than 65 destinations every day, Jet Airways can surely be your worthwhile bet. Moreover, it has its hubs in different cities, both nationally and internationally.

Choosing an airline may not be that difficult if you are well-aware of its past performance. Since the flights mentioned above have bagged numerous awards and accolades for their services, you can consider them to be the best in the field. So, find the flight in these airlines and organise your trip like never before.

Ranthambore – A Popular National Park in India

Tiger Sighting has become an ordinary activity among the visitors from across the globe. Wildlife lovers move to different wildlife reserves around the year for obtaining the outstanding view of the ferocious and majestic tigers. The outstanding Ranthambore National Park is a well-known national park in India. It spreads 1,334 Square Kilometres of the area. This place is popular for its world famous Royal Bengal Tigers.

Ranthambore National Park is a favorite place for a large number of tourists and this prominent place is definitely a dream place for all of the wildlife photography lovers that will blow your mind and take you into a fascinating world apart from the specific city and away from stone and dust.

Various wildlife reserves are present in India but Ranthambore is somewhat special for its dry unproductive lands, gravel roads, colorful atmosphere along with historical forts. The enthusiastic visitors should go for ranthambore tour packages and enjoy to the fullest.

If you want to know more about this wonderful place, then follow the following context:

Devoted to the Wildlife

Ranthambore featured with an extraordinary and unique ecosystem along with a rich biodiversity. Visitors can conveniently watch the splendid Tigers and various other exotic animals including Leopard, Indian Flying Fox, Sloth Bears, Black Bucks, Desert Cats, Jackals, Rattles, Five-striped Palm Squirrels, and Mongoose. The list is continued – this amazing place associated with a varied group of Reptiles, such as Snub Nosed Marsh Crocodile, Cobras, Pythons, Desert Monitor Lizard and so on. The tour will be a treat for all the wildlife lovers.

Captivating Safari to Ranthambore Forest

Forest safari is a wonderful opportunity to watch as well as photograph the prime highlights associated with this park. This is an impressive overland trip into its thick forest. Here you get two alternatives – either you can hire a Canter featured with twenty seats or you have another option of Jeep consisting six seats and you have to pay as per your selection. You will greatly enjoy whenever you enter this animal world to view the wild pass independently in their domain. Visitors can enjoy the overall experience in their journey and it will be an astonishing moment whenever they spot one.

Amazing Bird Viewing Site

If one likes something impelling, he or she can lift his or her feet away from the ground to view the grassland. He or she also discovers some enchanting birds of India. It is for individuals, who featured with staying power because to have an enchanting bird experience, patience and calmness are essential and high-quality binoculars’ set is important as well.

Various rare and beautiful birds are the attraction of this place. Ranthambore habitat surrounded by water bodies and varied terrains, resulting in the excellent and outstanding elements for distinctive animals and birds. This place has documented 272 species so far. Some eye-catching birds are Gray Hornbills, Nightjars, Flycatchers, and Flamingos.

An Old Banyan Tree with Rich Vegetation

Birds and animals wandering in the enchanting Wildwood, at the same time, the vegetation depicts its role concurrently. The particular dry grassland houses vast part of plants and animals involving about 300 species, sufficient to fascinate you.

Ranthambore National Park is hugely popular for its fascinating Banyan Tree. It’s leathery and large leaves comprise a large area and have made it an appropriate shade. The Ranthambore’s forest featured with lots of different plants, vegetation with eccentric and mind-blowing flowers.

A Fort Surrounded by the Dense Woods

Ranthambore also coated like a heritage place, as this place has illustrative ruins linked to the fort inside the park. Visitors experience some beautiful lakes and authentic forts throughout this national park that is portraying wonderfully inside this wildlife reserve.

The Ranthambore fort constructed around 700ft elevated. It is located inside the particular park of over 5 km. This fort is identified and it is a section of UNESCO World Heritage Site including the caption “Hill Forts of Rajasthan”.

Famous Natural History Museum

The regional museum of Natural History (fourth in the country) is situated 9 kilometers from Sawai Madhopur nearby Ramsinghpura. This museum scatters the land of around 7.2 acres. It also provides incredible educational and also extracurricular activities.

A library is there, where tourists can easily read books about wildlife destination, biodiversity, and flora and fauna of Rajasthan. Avid readers can read about wildlife and after that, taking a tour of the specific Museum. Both of these activities will enrich the visitors with excellent knowledge prior to their visit to park.

Perfect Resorts for Enjoying Wildlife Holiday

Holiday planning means planning of accommodation is a must and if the destination heads to an unknown place, then it is very important to plan accordingly. Ranthambore offers the visitors its premium and best resorts to luxury hotels. One can discover budget-friendly lodgings in Sawai Madhopur along with other lavish villas also.

 If anyone wants a perfect amalgamation of camping and comfort in the amazing woods, it will be great to book into some high-end and extraordinary resorts including Nahargarh, Vivanta by Taj, and Sher Vilas. Other options are also available in case the visitors want to live in simple yet delightful camps.

Railway “ART” Station

Wildlife adventure just initiates from the particular platform, as Sawai Madhopur Railway Station of Ranthambore featured with a renovation. Its outstanding makeover involved with the wildlife Graffiti is created by expert artist Mr.Gajanand Singh. He has received many appreciations for his talent.

Rajasthan’s Sawai Madhopur Railway Station has become an outstanding wildlife museum and the stunning station in this country. Through describing the majestic beauty, it has been announced as the first ‘Heritage Railway Station’ in the country and is also the winner of national Tourism Award 2014-15’ for being the ‘best tourist-friendly railway station.’

The Appropriate Union of Wild along with Craft

In this amazing place, the native village women work hard for showing their expertise along with displaying their efforts. Village Women are skilled in making woolen rugs, silk (hand-knotted), fashionable and decorated oriental rugs etc.

Peaceful Markets, Lakes, and Temples

Ranthambore is famous for its wildlife reserve, natural vegetation along with its ancient temples and amazing forts.

Ranthambore is waiting for its exploration.

Most Luxurious Trains In India

Well many of us have traveled by train before, and it always is an interesting journey, whether it’s all by ourselves, with our friends, loved ones, or families. But have your heard about luxurious train tours which is run and operated by Indian Railways in India. It’s all together a magical experience, and getting to explore India this way is truly blissful.

 These luxurious trains cater an undoubtedly one of the most amazing experience, on which you wouldn’t wish to miss out on. So in this article, there are listed some of the most luxurious as well as most expensive trains, which conducts a historical and heritage tourism.

  1. Maharajas Express

This express is a completely royal experience, which is run by the IRCTC. This is not just a luxurious train but the most expensive train as well, in the whole world. You may be wondering what kind of service makes this train so expensive as well as luxurious. Well it is the amenities such as the lounge, dining car, internet, personal butler, bar, souvenir shop, and professional guides, what more can you expect of. The areas which this train covers are Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Agra, and Delhi. Per person the charge for this royal journey, ranges from 2.6-10 Lakh rupees.

  1. Golden Chariot

This train covers the South Indian side, which consists of all the main tourist places in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and the most amazing Goa. This train is colored with heavenly combination of gold and purple. It looks like you are back to the magical royal lifestyle. This train accommodates a gym, lounge bar, conference room, Ayurvedic spa treatment, and what not. This travel experience costs around 25,000-50,000 rupees per person. This train runs only during the time of October till March.

  1. Deccan Odyssey

This luxurious train was actually stated in order to promote the heritage as well as historical tourism. It covers Maharashtra, with other heritage places such as Gujarat, Agra, and Rajasthan. It has the finest service with the deluxe suites, restaurants, health spa, and premium bar. The ticket for this train starts from 3 Lakh rupees onwards, which is available on their official website.

  1. Fairy Queen

This train offers a 2-day journey, which gets you the opportunity to experience and explore India’s beautiful historical treat and cultural programs, as well as Safari tour to National Park Sariska. It is priced around 12,000-13,000 rupees, per person. This train runs from New Delhi to Rajasthan ‘Alwar’.  It can carry around 60 passengers and it is a locomotive luxurious royal express.

  1. Rajdhani Express

Well we all have known about this train, and might have travelled through this train as well. This train connects between capital states of India, and provides an excellent service. On this train you are served with food, but if you don’t prefer to have the menu served on the train, then you can order train food service prior to your journey and receive good quality, fresh food.

So hope this rail journey experience by luxurious trains makes your tour unforgettable and spectacular.



How to ensure having a wonderful honeymoon tour?

The honeymoon is something that is just once in a lifetime for the newlywed and hence, it is to be made as much exciting as possible. To ensure this, the right destination and package are to be selected. Although there are places in the country to have the honeymoon trip, one such place that is found to be enchanting and having that romantic air in its very environment is the beautiful hilly state of Himachal Pradesh. As a matter of fact, this region boasts of having numerous hill stations that are worth the visit not just once, but repeatedly. There are also various activities for the honeymoon couples to indulge in, during the trip.

The truth is the different hill stations of this state are quite relaxing and indeed a beautiful place to be, to explore each other. There are readily available exciting Himachal Tour Package suited to the budget allocated. One can go for long or short packages as the need may be.

Visiting Manali

This is one hill station in Himachal Pradesh that is considered to be a honeymooner’s paradise. Its calm and serene environment is what has been beckoning couples of all ages to come down here to spend some time with their beloved ones. As a matter of fact, no vacation in the country is termed to be complete without making the trip to Manali. This place is filled with dense snow-covered mountains and pinewood, thus offering some excellent vacation time. Being located amongst the lower Himalayas, the region is connected with Indian mythology. According to it, legendary king Manu had made his residence here and hence, the name Manali has been given to it, which means “Abode of the Goddesses and Gods”.

Thrill and adventure

Adventurous loving couples can find Himachal Pradesh to offer them with several exciting sports and activities to undertake during the trip. Few of them are high altitude trekking, snow skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing, river rafting, etc. Whitewater rafting perhaps is much more interesting when compared to skiing. It is regarded to be among the most sought-after activities by adventure lovers from all over the world.

Exploring the region

There are indeed several places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Sitting with the travel agent and discussing the specific requirements can help to find an ideal location for the trip. This way, the person can have the thrill and frill that is associated with the place. At Manali, there are numerous places of interest to visit. Hadimba temple had been built for Bheema’s wife, a legendary hero of the Mahabharata. Manu Rishi Temple helps the tourists to explore the mysteries of the place. This temple can be found to be set in beautiful pagoda type of architecture and is devoted to Manu, who is credited with having created the whole human race.

There are different types of delicious food that are prepared here to be tried out by the tourists. The daily local diet staples of the region include apples and plums.

Top Five Important Steps for Assured Permanent Residency Australia Visa

Many individuals wish to work and settle in foreign countries. Australia is one of the most preferred destinations to settle down by such people. More than ten thousand applications get processed for the permanent Visa in Australia. DIBP – The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has become the busiest departments all through the year in the world to process applications.

Know The Important Steps To Apply For A PR Visa To Australia.

First, know that to apply for Permanent Residency Australia visa you must clear the PBIS (Point Based Immigration System). Follow the steps given below to apply for a permanent visa to live in Australia.

  1. Preparation

The first step must be getting ready for applying for the point based system. Know the different types of visa available to travel to Australia. Then understand under which category you will be eligible to get a permanent visa. Know 189 and 190 subclass visas. Do a detailed study about the point based system and use Australian point calculator to find out where you stand.

Prepare yourself regarding your education, age, language, experience and skills. Apply based on your skills and try to get more points on the system.

  1. Get Ready With Your Documents

After you thoroughly understand the points, prepare your documents. Collect all the necessary certificates and documents supporting employment history. Complete IELTS and obtain the certificate. Also, wherever required fill out the skill assessment and earned scores to apply for Permanent Visa Australia.

  1. Select from CSOL and SOL List

Choose your occupation from the list provided in CSOL and SOL. These records provide with the demanding skills required in Australia across all states. Check your current expertise matches with any the skills listed.

SOL – Skilled Occupation List

CSOL – Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List

  1. Express your Interest

Now you know the scores and skills, you must submit an online request. EOI means Express of Interest. You must complete the online form and submit. Remember to provide all your details about your job, skills, education, experience, and language proficiency. Check the score and know if it is more than 60. A minimum score of sixty can help you obtain a PR visa without any problem.

  1. ITA Selection

Your EOI will get processed by the employers across Australia. The company who finds your profile suitable will send you an invite. You must apply for a permanent visa within 60 days from the date of receipt of the ITA (Invitation to Apply). Submit medical certificates obtained from authorized doctors along with the visa application form.

Based on the suitability your visa will get approved. You will receive your PR visa within six months from the time for applying to ITA.

Points to Remember

Provide genuine information and supporting documents

Try and get better scores in IELTS and Skill assessment test to increase your points

Create a covering letter mentioning the reason for applying for a PR visa

Closely follow-up after your get your ITA

Contact trustworthy Migration Company for availing guidance and support.

Step into the Wild at Bandipur and Nagarhole

The chilling roar of a tiger piercing the still of the dawn, or the harried chirping of colourful birds in thick canopies – one cannot supplant a trip to the deepest jungle with any other activity when it comes to primeval and rejuvenating experiences.

Southern India is gifted with natural beauty, conveniently accessed by some of the best road networks. Bandipur and Nagarhole are part of India’s largest stretch of protected forest areas – the Nilgiris Biosphere reserve. They are also considered amongst the top places in the country to experience the wild. Find cabs in Bangalore and enjoy a getaway into these beautiful reserves.


The untamed glory of the Western Ghats can be viewed in its full magnificence at Bandipur National Park. The tiger is the flagship species here and one can also encounter leopards, elephants, dholes, gaurs and myriad species of birds and reptiles. The national park can be reached via the Mysore-Ooty highway and is 240 kms away from Bangalore.

Choose from a range of Bangalore to Bandipur cabs to enjoy this scenic journey. Some of the activities here apart from the safaris include nature walks and cycling tours. These forests also provide a wonderful stage for shutterbugs, eager to capture beautiful nature stills.

There are many safari options at Bandipur National Park. The 45-minute bus safaris have morning and evening sessions. You can also opt for an elephant ride around the forest; these rides are around 20 minutes long. Longer rides can be arranged.

The best way to experience the pristine nature and get a chance to view the animals are in jeep safaris, which run in the mornings and evenings. Safari timings are 6.30 to 8.30 AM and 3.30 to 5.30 PM, but it is always wise to double check with the department officials. Bandipur has a host of lodging options for all budgets. Some of the popular lodges include the MC Resort, Dhole’s Den, Bandipur Safari Lodge and the Windflower Tusker Trails.


Located in the enigmatic Coorg district, Nagarhole is a hub for adventure and nature lovers. Some of the activities you can engage in and around Nagarhole include night camping, rappelling, and trekking. The Kabini area of Nagarhole is considered one of the best spots for animal sightings and is famed for its local population of leopards, including melanistic ones (black leopards).

The tiger lords the jungles of Nagarhole and other species that can be sighted include elephants, striped hyenas, and various deer species. Birds here include the greater spotted eagle, the Oriental white-backed vulture – a critically endangered species and the Malabar grey hornbill, amongst many other species. Another fascinating facet of Nagarhole is the riverine landscape, which includes many gushing waterfalls and streams.

Safari timings are 6.30 to 8.30 am and 3.30 to 5.30 pm. Options include bus safaris and jeep safaris and they usually last an hour, charting routes into the forest. Some of the popular lodging options in Nagarhole include Red Earth, Kabini River Lodge, Orange County and MachaanNagarhole. Book outstation cabs from Bangalore and experience a lovely 5-hour journey into the misty hills of this National Park.

As you leave the city behind, the terrain changes to the open plateau landscape and you slowly start to climb into the verdant, beautiful and unforgiving landscapes of the Western Ghats. A forest getaway provides a conduit for us to connect with nature and rediscover the most basic human relationship, that of man and his environment. Explore, discover and experience- the wilderness of Karnataka beckons.

What are RV Relocation Deals?

Planning on hiring an RV to travel across the country? Do you have a big enough budget to cover the costs of a rental? There are options for even the most budget conscious travellers and they come in the form of RV relocation deals. Everyone loves to travel, but it can be expensive and awkward for many people, looking out for RV relocation promotions may just be the answer to all your problems.

  • What is an RV relocation deal?

You can get your RV rentals in Las Vegas and travel across the state to other cities such as San Francisco or Los Angeles. An RV relocation is a promotional deal with entitles you to rent an RV for a very small sum of money and drop the vehicle at a designated location chosen by the rental company. It is a one-way transfer where you get to drive the vehicle to another garage, saving the rental company and yourself money.

  • Why are RV relocations so unbelievably cheap?

At first you may think it sounds too good to be true, but you would be mistaken. When a rental company needs to transport a car to another location they have to hire an independent driver or employee to carry out the task, this costs the company money because they usually have to fly the driver back when they have dropped the vehicle off. This service is a win, win for both parties involved as the company gets a driver and you get the opportunity of a low-cost road trip.

  • How do I avail of these offers?

The best way of finding these offers is by regularly checking RV rental websites, they will post relocation dates online, but you have to be quick because these offers are snapped up very quickly.

  • How trustworthy are the rental organisations?

Before hiring a vehicle, it is important to conduct some online research to find out who the most reputable companies are, a quick Google search should turn up RV rental companies who include relocation packages as part of their service. You can also read travel blogs and customer reviews to find out the best rental companies in your location who provide a safe and professional service.

  • Am I covered by insurance?

The answer to that question is yes, every RV rental company has their vehicles insured to allow drivers to enjoy the RV experience. Although some businesses offer free insurance policies other may charge a small fee to cover the cost. It is advisable to contact the customer service department to check what kind of policy they provide.

  • Do I require a specific licence to operate an RV?

A normal car licence will allow you to drive an RV, they are not too dissimilar to cars and most of them operate on an automatic transmission. If you do not hold a licence which was issued in the country you are driving in, make sure that you carry an international licence which permits you to drive in most countries.

Remember to research RV companies before hiring, and enjoy your vacation on the open road.