Microsoft Kinect helps in treating multiple sclerosis patients

Nowadays, there are many new inventions are available which gives benefits to the people who use it easily. However, the technology has introduced with new ear which in turn provide good results on evaluating the new changes in science. Of course, the Microsoft Kinect is a gaming device that may prove to be a cheap and effective means of evaluating the walking difficulties by sclerosis patients. It is a new study that brings attention on giving wonderful benefits on using this technology one in a simple manner. Moreover, this device has designed with three dimensional depth sensing camera used as interactive video activities. Hence, it is designed with Xbox gaming console for the windows computer.


The researchers have tested the device and meet perfect requirement for detecting the walking activities easily without any ease. So, this will be enough to the patients compared with healthy individuals. It is currently done in clinical practice which enables the subjective movement to the patients normally. It is set with different evaluations and that will simply grab attention on introducing the device easily. However, the technology has imposed with wonderful techniques that have added with MS patients to use easily.


While using the camera, it detects the movement and that will generate with the help of computer. However, it is essential for the human being to undertake this one and provide good results on watching the action easily. In addition, the walking patterns have recorded with potential for human errors to denote it ease. Normally, they have captured the movement of 10 MS patients and 10 members of an age and sex matches accordingly. It has been done by using the Kinect device and hence applicable for the patients to use previous assessed on traditional clinical method. Therefore, it meets perfect arrangement which enable the patients to use with device for walking activities. Based on the data, the device has developed with computer algorithm that qualified with gait characteristics of MS patients and healthy people. It is measured in Kinect camera and analyzed with different characteristic and algorithm along with it. It has obtained with several severity levels which give accurate results on measuring the walking activities along with it. However, the levels are obtained with proper results which in turn provide clinical treatment and avail for MS patients to use eagerly. Therefore, it is vital for the MS patients to specify the proper measurement in Kinect device.