Some important netball playing skills

Netball is a team sport that is played in many senior schools throughout the country and is often taught as a result of its skill level and team partnerships. Any players both at professional and amateur levels look for ways to enhance their playing ability and this includes watching  Netball Training drill Videos.

There are a number of playing positions within the teams and each of these has their own specific skills and attributes that are needed. Here is an indication of the positions that are needed within each team:

  • Goal Shooter – the main aim of this playing position is to be the goal scorer for the team. They will predominately spend most of their time in the shooting circle and will often be seen reaching for a ball from a defender of the other team. They are amongst some of the tallest members of the team. These players also tend to be the ones who aren’t easily intimidated by other players and who are able to maintain their composure when shooting on target.
  • Goal Attack – these players can also shoot on target but equally can move around the court. Their key skills are to out manoeuvre players from the other teams, in particular the defenders. These individuals have great stamina and strength and good ball control skills.
  • Wing Attacks – are the players that have the greatest footwork skills and can easily manoeuvre around the court. They also need to have accurate and strong passing skills. Similarly, to other playing positions it is important for them to be able to read the game play in order to be able to move themselves away from the Wing Defence of the other team.
  • Centre – this is the powerhouse position of the team as they are able to move along to both ends of the court. They are great all-round players and have to have good defence as well as attacking skills and also need speed and stamina, along with good timing and awareness of their surroundings.
  • Wing Defence – is the main defender of the team and their main aim to the travel along with the other teams’ attackers and intercept the ball where possible. It is then important that they pass the ball to their own attackers for them to get to the goal shooter. These players often have great game reading abilities and are also to turn the speed of play up or down.
  • Goal Defence – these players are the last line of defence before the opposition or the ball reaches the goal circle. It is important that they try to gain control of the ball as soon as they can to return play back to their players.
  • Goal Keeper – their main role, like that of any other games goal keeper is to prevent the ball from entering their net.