How long should you protect your tattoo with foil?


After your tattoo artist has finished his work of art, the tattooed area is first disinfected, carefully wiped with a sterile cloth, smeared with a wound and healing ointment and finally carefully wrapped in foil. This is usually actually conventional cling film, as you can get in every supermarket.

Wrapping the 타투 in a protective film is necessary because at this point your tattoo is simply an open wound. “Foiling” can prevent foreign bodies such as bacteria from getting into your wound. This measure serves (above all) to protect against infection.

After the appointment:

We recommend that you change the foil after about three hours. Remove the foil, wash the tattoo without soap, shower gel or the like with lukewarm water and then cream it with disinfected hands again with wound and healing ointment before you wrap it in foil again. The skin is irritated and open and takes about a day to close again. Secure the film with conventional bandage tape. The foil acts as a protective film and ensures that the skin underneath can relax.

At night:

You should definitely wear fresh foil while sleeping. Not only that the freshly tattooed area releases all sorts of fluids (blood, paint, wound water, …) and that you discolor your bed linen in this way. In bed, too, it is important to protect the wound as well as possible from intruders such as mites, dust or bacteria. After all, you unconsciously turn around in your sleep and may lie down on your tattoo or the duvet.

The next morning:

If possible, choose loose, comfortable clothes that aren’t as tight-fitting for the day after. Basically, you should wash off your tattoo again as described above, apply lotion and wrap it the next day as soon as you leave the house. If you stay at home and have no contact with other people, just let fresh air into your wound as long as possible.


Among people and in sports:

If you go out among people, always put your tattoo back in foil so that nothing gets inside. The same applies to sporting activities. Especially if you do contact sports. However, it is best to forego such activities completely for the first time. Because hitting your tattoo (e.g. in martial arts or handball, soccer, etc.) can not only damage your motif visually – it also really hurts.

Pay attention to the environment:

Depending on where you are going with your freshly tattooed area, you should protect your subject. This is especially true if you hang around in dirty surroundings. It starts with going to the public toilet and ends, for example, at dirty workplaces such as garbage dumps or the like.