Fees and procedures of divorce lawyers

Setting up a first cognitive interview is an excellent method to get an idea live in fact, and from the very first moment, the character aspects that should constitute the strengths of a divorce lawyer generally come out : the propensity for dialogue; communication skills; the ability to expose and understand the couple’s problems with clarity and immediacy divorce attorney houston.

The registered office

A further parameter that can be useful in choosing a divorce lawyer is the registered office of his firm with respect to the competent court. In the event of separation, for example, the application must be submitted to the Court of the place where the spouses had their last residence or domicile.

In this way, a double advantage can be obtained: the proximity of the lawyer to his client;

the lawyer’s knowledge of the procedures of the court seised .

The parcel

Another extremely important advice in choosing a divorce lawyer is to compare the quotes of several professionals , after having met them, in order to make an objective comparison between: the personality of the lawyer and the impression one gets from having to deal with him at the first meeting; the professionalism and knowledge of the issues to be solved, his approach in solving problems and presenting solutions; transparency in showing a written estimate, before you choose to give him an assignment.

The cost should not be the first element to consider , but knowing it in advance is still a good practice to follow and gives greater seriousness to the professional.

Divorce lawyer and assisted negotiation procedures

Family and marriage law, like any other branch of jurisprudence, are constantly evolving and updating: a factor that could be decisive in the choice of a divorce lawyer is represented, as already mentioned, in his speed in updating himself on the new procedures in vigor .

One of the most important when it comes to separation is the institution of assisted negotiation, through which two spouses can separate in a very short time , without necessarily having to resort to the Court.

In fact, a couple of meetings in the chosen law firm are sufficient to do this:

In this way a document will be issued which is exactly equivalent to a separation sentence;

in about a month the actual separation will be achieved .

In practice:

During the first meeting, an assisted separation agreement will be stipulated ; during the second it will be possible to immediately stipulate the separation agreement , which will be sent to the Public Prosecutor for authorization, if the couple has dependent minors; the document will finally be sent to the Municipality of residence to be transcribed within 10 days (under penalty of a fine).