Are you going to watch “Lakshmi” movie online? Check these before watch

Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: Prabhu Deva, DityaBhande, Aishwarya Rajesh, Salman Yousuff, Kovai Sarala

Story & Direction:A.L. Vijay

Cinematography:Nirav Shah

Music: Sam C.S.

Producer: Pramod Films, Trident Arts

Genre: Dance, Drama, Entertainment


Lakshmi movie was released on 24th August 2018.  Earlier, many movies came under this genre in Telugu like Style, ABCD 1, 2, Speed Dancers, and got big success.  In this sense, Indian Michale Jackson Prabhu Deva once again came with dance-based drama.  A.L. Vijay, who directed Prabhu Deva earlier in Abhinetri movie, which was a big hit, again, he teamed up for Lakshmi movie.

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While talking about the story, Lakshmi movie revolved around the girl named Lakshmi.  Lakshmi (DityaBhande) has a passion for dance.  Her mother,Nandini (Aishwarya), did not interest in dancing anymore.  Nandini simply switches off the TV while dancing-related news.  But, Lakshmi joined Dance School with the help of Coffee Shop owner Krishna (Prabhu Deva) without intimation to her mother and participated in the “Pride of India 2017” competition also.  But, she returns in the first round itself due to stage fear.  Anyway, Krishna met with selectors to fulfill Lakshmi’s dream to win the title of “Pride of India 2017”.  But there is a twist in the story.  Selector Yusuf is shocked to learn that Krishna is not the owner of a coffee shop, but he was the finalist RK in “Pride of India 2005”.  Yousuf was declared as winner in “Pride of India 2005” due to not performed RK in the competition.  However, Yousuf felt guilty even though he won the title since RK was not participating in the competition; he always feels to defeat RK in the competition.  In that sense, He made a condition that Lakshmi can be performed in “Pride India 2017 Juniors 2017” if RK accepts to be Couch to Lakshmi’s team.  Meanwhile, RK saw Nandini.  Who is Lakshmi?  What is the relationship between RK and Nandini?  Who will be the winner of the final ‘Pride of India Juniors 2017’? Are the rest of the story.

Reasons Why to Watch “Lakshmi” movie:

We need not tell Prabhu Deva’s dance was extraordinary in the movie.  But, he showed his extraordinary performance as Krishna and RK in the movie.  Child artist Ditya, who played the role of Lakshmi, showed her extraordinary dancing performance.  Because she is also a real-life dancer, she was also the title winner of the Dancer Season 1 reality show.

Sam worked very hard as the whole movie was based on music and dance. His efforts showed on the screen.

Director Vijay attempted straightly without damage to music and dance-based story with a clean and neat presentation.

Climax scenes will Goosebumps audience.  Especially in the pre-climax, climax scenes showed his mark of direction and perfect presentation of emotions scenes on screen.

Main highlights of the movie:Prabhu Deva and Ditya’s dance performance must be seen at least once.  The Story, Direction, Music, and DOP are the backbone of the movie.

Finally, Lakshmi’s movie gives a little bit of a message that “Education is not the only life for children. If they are interested in any field, they should be encouraged to excel in it”.

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