The Most Common Causes For Sewer Blockage

We can all agree that it is frustrating to have the blocked sewage and drains, especially due to unhealthy nature of the problem. In case, that you have a sink that is returning things you’ve rinsed won, and then you entered the problem.

Imagine that you flush a toilet and the water comes to haunt you. The most common problem is sewer blockage in most household. The main reason for that is because people neglect the sewer drain cleaning and maintenance.

We decided to present you the most common causes of sewer blockage:

Types Of Sewer Blockages

The first thing that you should have in mind is that you can choose two types of sewer blockages:

  • Inside main sewer line
  • Private line from your home to the main line

In case that other people complain in your neighborhood about lousy sewer backup and blockage, then the cause is the problem with the main line. You cannot do anything about it, contact the authorities and wait for them to take care of the problem.

In case that the sewage backs up throughthe toilet, single sink or another drain, then you have a problem inside your sewage line. The best way to do is to prevent it from happening or clean it by calling professional help.

The Most Common Causes

Foreign Objects

In most cases, the common reason for sewage clogging is the foreign objects inside the sewage line. You could’ve flushed somethingdown the toilet,and it stuck and prevented the water from running freely.

You must realize that you can create serious consequences by flushing different things, so you have to be careful about what you’re playing inside. The most common objects that could create blockage are:

  • Tampons
  • Baby diapers
  • Cat litter
  • Grease & Oil

If you want to reduce the chances of paying a significant fee to deal with blockage, you should prevent that from ever happening by throwing these things in the trash and not in the toilet. In case that you have already done it, contact the professional service before the damage increases.

Grease Lightning

Another problem that could cause blockage is the condensed grease that will appear in the flesh. You should have in mind that grease backups happen in the case that you rinse down the sink fats and grease from the cooking.

In most cases, the clog will happen 25 feet inside the sewage line, and the hot water won’t help you with this problem, because it will cool off before it reaches the clog. If you have in mind that there will be no hot water to reduce the grease, it will start to build and get harden over time. In addition, before you know it, you will have the blockage problem.

Even though grease mostly comes from food that you’re eating and dishes that you wash, you should also avoid putting orange peels, coffee grinds, andeggshells down the sink. They enjoy contributing the problem by coagulate with the grease.

This particular problem can easily block more than 10 feet of your pipe, and if that happens, you will have to change the entire system. We recommend you to use chemicals that will kill the grease every once a while, especially if you tend to use lots of grease and oil in cooking.

Another solution is to wipe the grease off from the dishes to reduce the hassle of potential blockage.

You can check what happened in London with condensed grease in sewage line by clicking here.

Watch Out For Tree Roots

Yes, this is also possible and one of the chances why your sewage clogged in the first place. In case that root gets big enough, it can easily get inside your pipes, clog the lines, and form root balls.

You will be able to use various chemicals to remove root, but that could also cause the killing of the plant root.

You will be able to prevent this particular problem by planting trees away from the sewer system and line.

It is essential to protect your household and to keep it maintained because blockage can easily lead to severe issues that could interfere with the quality of your life.

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