Three Popular Salwar Kameez Varieties That Look Super Gorgeous

For women, who love the fact that they are Indian and are proud of their ethnic culture, a set of salwar kameez can never become out-dated. You are nothing sans your cultural roots. And it’s your ethnic clothing that reflects who you are and where you belong. And that is why you should always hold outfits like salwar kameez in high esteem. And no, you won’t have to wear a set of salwar kameez just because a lot of women in India and certain other Asian countries do; wear it because it’s beautiful; because it makes a woman look all the more gorgeous; and because it makes the wearer feel extremely comfortable.

By now, you have probably begun to feel a strong urge for wearing this amazing outfit. But do you know in what varieties a salwar kameez is available on the market? Well, if you don’t know, and have, therefore, not been able to pick a set for yourself, then look at the options below. The list here will act as a guide for you to be decisive regarding which salwar kameez variety to invest on-

  1. The Patiala variety – Patiala is a place in the Indian state of Punjab. And this variety of salwar kameez got its name from the clothing style and pattern of the women out here. Although this variety has its roots in Patiala, it’s not just in Punjab where women wear Patiala suits. They are popular across the world. Interestingly, they have times and again appeared on the silver screen. The kind of panache celebrities’ ooze out wearing Patiala suits is something that has made women to go crazy about this variety. A Patiala suit has a kameez that barely reaches the thighs and a pair of pants that are baggy at the top and tapered around the ankles. With a dupatta hung across the neck or placed on the shoulders, you can look like a diva in a Patiala suit. Check out in for some really great options.
  2. Churidar suits – Now, this is a kind of salwar kameez variety that rocked the Bollywood film industry in the 70s. And then it just vanished from the fashion scene for some time. But now they are back and they are back with a bang. So, if you love flaunting your curves, then a churidar is what you need. A churidar set is pretty much like wearing a kurti with a pair of leggings. But both the outfits have a sea of difference. While the kurti-leggings ensemble doesn’t make use of a dupatta, in a proper churidar set, dupatta is a must. The reason why churidar is called so is because the bottom wear of this variety of salwar kameez forms folds around the ankles, while the rest of the pant looks pretty taut on the skin.
  3. The Anarkali type suit – This suit design has been derived from the famous Bollywood flick Mughal-E-Azam. The character Anarkali in this film wore a beautiful flowing variety of suit. And this variety became an instant hit. Interestingly, this suit variety still makes women go weak on their knees.

No matter which variety out of these you want; you can always look for it online. Thankfully, there is no dearth of choices on

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