Everyone enjoys a shower; it is one of the little pleasures. What if you get freezing water after turning on the tap? You want a gas hot water system which provides a continuous flow of hot water, whenever you need. Make your bathroom time the best with Rinnai hot water heater Sydney and enjoy your shower. There are many water heaters in the market, you might think why to opt for the gas heaters, to answer your questions you can try reading the text and know why you should opt a gas hot water system for your home.

Benefits of a gas hot water system:

Electric water heaters produce more up to 33 % greenhouse gas emissions than the gas water heaters, which is beneficial for our environment. These heaters are also generally cheaper to buy than the electric hot water systems, which mean more saving. There are two types of gas water system Instantaneous hot water system and Gas storage hot water system, both have a different specialty.

Let’s see the difference between the two:

Instantaneous gas hot water system

This gas hot water system deliver continuous hot water whenever the tap is opened. These systems are sometimes called tank less units as they heat the water when it passes through the system. It means there is no need of water storage and you never run out of hot water.

These gas systems are like the size of a small suitcase, which makes them a fraction of the size of a storage tank heater. This is the reason why a lot of people choose these systems – as it uses less space, they also look better and they deliver hot water every time.

This system lasts up to 20 years, while an electric water heater only has a lifespan of around 10 to 12 years. This system requires less replacement and maintenance.

Gas storage hot water systems

this hot water systems heat and store water in an insulated tank ready for whenever you require. These systems are energy efficient, particularly if you choose the latest models. These systems are environment-friendly as they produce low greenhouse gas emissions.

These heaters are speedy and can heat a 170-litre tank in just an hour. Its recovery rate is much faster than the electric heaters. Hence, it is great for a family of four to have a shower without the water becoming cold.

When you buy a gas hot water system doesn’t forget to check the energy star labels to see how energy efficient the heater is. The higher the rating the better the heater is, which means the less gas they use the more money you save. It also means fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

If you like to opt for environmentally friendly things you have the best option of a cost-efficient gas hot water system. If your old heater is wearing out no need to panic, you can simply contact Rinnai Hot Water Heater Sydney and get best heaters at best prices.

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