Pc Problems

Tips To Adjust Common Pc Problems

Some technicians face problem repairing the internal and external components of a computer system when it comes to hardware. Should you just need to replace the component? Or should try software troubleshooting first? It will help you to know if the component went bad, or the motherboard is at risk. And what’s with all this dust? If you find some serious problem you can get in touch with Microsoft certified solutions provider and get assistance.

You can try reading the article to know about the most common hardware problems, and the best way to fix them.

Pc Problem

The most common problem the computer not turning on …

This is one of the most common problems which have some interesting solutions. Though this is often overlooked, these solutions can be the most simple.

The two main symptoms to take into account before going too far into the repair: Is the monitor or the computer that isn’t turning on? It can be a shame to start opening up a computer system to test for the bad parts if it’s the monitor that have a problem.

Check if it is plugged in or not i f the tower turns on, and the monitor does not, this should be the first step and the most obvious one.

You should always take few minutes to try the most obvious things first. It can help you to save a lot of time.

Problem: The Computer Turns On, But Still Doesn’t Work..

When you are able to see the lights turn on and power is flowing to the computer system and monitor, there can be a component issue. One thing you should note when you first turn on the computer and the power comes on, is can you hear or see anything? There are times when the machine will let you know what is going on with the machine through computer’s Power-On Self-Test (POST). If you hear the sound of beeps, this is a great way to figure out what the issue is.

There are a variety of reasons for this sound.

Steady, short beeps –– This sound signifies that the power supply may be bad. You can test the power supply and check if things get on, but what if it’s not turning on? If not the voltages are wrong. The POST test helps to narrow down the causes to the power supply. A replacement can be usually necessary.

Long continuous beep tone — this beep signifies memory failure. This you usually hear when one or both of your Random Access Memory (RAM) sticks go bad. This will tell you RAM stick has gone bad, and you can replace or upgrade the RAM stick accordingly. If there is only one stick installed in your PC, you will need to replace or upgrade to fix the problem.

Steady, long beeps –– This is code signifies a bad power supply. The difference between this beep code and the short beep is that the power supply may be bad, this Postcode notes that are have gone bad.

No Beep — If you do not hear any beep code, this can also be a sign of the power supply is completely dead.

These are few common issues faced by every computer user if you come across this type of problem you can fix yourself, but if you face problem more than this, you can get in touch with the Microsoft certified solutions provider and get help.


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