Control Termites

Tips to Control Termites in Your Home

It is very important to treat a termite infested or damaged area as soon as you discover it in your house or in office. If you do not take the right measures in time, it can become worse. Termites can cause irreparable damage to wooden structures in your home or building. It is not necessary to treat the termite problem only after the discovery of the problem. Dealing with the termites before the problem is the best way to avoid it altogether. It is advisable to follow the correct steps to control termites development in your homes or in your business place.

The following steps show how to control termites in your home:

Home InspectionFirstly, you need to conduct inspections of the termite infestation. It is important that you have a professional pest control expert to check your house every year for symptoms of termite infestation. After the experts are done with the tests, they will be able to tell if the house has a termite problem and will be able to advice on the best form of chemical treatment to eliminate the problem. The experts will also be able to suggest few methods prevent termites from re-entering. You need to make sure that these pests are present in your home. Generally, people spend too much money on buying anti termite chemicals without knowing if their house is affected by it or not.  Hence, it is advised to conduct an inspection before undertaking any method.

Control Termites

Delegating TasksAfter you are done with the inspection, you need to decide whether you want to do the complete process by yourself or want to take the help of professionals. If you have a small house, it’s conceivable to do the job by yourself, but in the case of offices, hiring professionals seems a more good choice.

Treating the Area…Spraying pesticide on the affected area is the most common termite treatment methods used. The spray is applied to the affected areas which become the potential inlets for the termites. Boric acid is one of the excellent termite control treatment and it is well-known for the effective control of these pests as well as other insect pests. You can start by putting boric acid directly into termite holes and outside around your house. This acid can be highly toxic to humans, so always remember to wear gloves when you are handling it. Mix a solution of boric acid and water and spray it on infested areas with a paint brush. Once this initial treatment is done, it is important that a regular termite treatment program is adopted to ensure that the structure remains free from termites.

If you are a homeowner, the basic thing you need to do for your home is to inspect and treat on a regular basis to protect it from any type of termites and inmates. Termite infestation can be a serious problem if you feel that your house is infected you need to follow the steps to control termites and stop them from spreading further.



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