Westside Family Church Works Dedicatedly Towards a Brighter Tomorrow

The state of ones future depends on the strength of the foundation where the children of today stand. Children are the people who are going to carry the torch of development of the world tomorrow. To ensure that they are provided with proper education and living conditions should be a priority for any community.  The stronger their education, their values, their knowledge is, the brighter would be the pathway of the coming years. But unfortunately securing these objectives are not remotely as easy as it sounds. There are thousands of children in this world who are suffering from poverty, unable to get two square meals a day. Many more are not able to afford even primary education.

Spreading joy through Westside Family Church Lenexa KS

Just like Jesus ‘grew in wisdom’, the Church holds a strong believe that each child deserves a chance to do the same. Over the years it has involved itself in several programs benefiting children, helping them to grow and learn.  ‘One life’ is such an initiative taken by the church which aims at caring and empowering the orphaned children.  Many children in this world don’t have access to basic amenities like clean water and shelter. They are often exploited and left to drown in a sea of hopelessness. They don’t have a chance to experience the boundless love of the Christ. The Westside Family Church has tried to take steps in order to change that.

While there are many examples of how this drive has helped countless children, there are few instances which stand out. Lihle Maranti was a thirteen year old boy, who was found on the streets, unemployed and hungry; trying to take care of his little sister. The Church, with the help of its associations found a safe shelter for them. In time, little Lihle emerged as a talented musician, who now plays saxophone, trombone, trumpet, and the drums. With the help of the educational, emotional and most importantly spiritual support provided to him, he is growing up to be the good man God had created him to be. From sponsorship to mentoring, the ‘One life’ initiative strives to work for the overall benefit of the child.

This movement is not only beneficial for the children, but also the volunteers who take part in it. By the Bible, the word charity often parallels the emotion of love. The Westside Family Church Lenexa KS highlights how we do the will of the God when we care for someone in need. How much one loves the Christ is reflected by the care he provides to the needy. Everyone is God’s children; by helping others one helps the child of God. Charity is a form of salvation; it ensures the presence of the Almighty within our souls.  A person truly bonds with God as he understands that the amenities available to us are not just ours, but they are the provisions provided by the divine which he desires to be used to help the ones in need.