How much the Instagram is popular compared to snapchat?

Launched in the year 2011, the Snapchat allows you to take the pictures and the videos, add the text to them, and send either one friend to share them with all the people who are following you. Sozialy explains the merits and the weaknesses of snapchat and Instagram.

Merits and the stats:

  • Estimated through daily active users around 100 million
  • Number of Snaps are sent : 400 million
  • 70 Percentage of the followers are women
  • 77% of college students do use the Snapchat


Though it’s the comparatively new platform, it’s still improbably fashionable and growing quickly. Sozialy being one in the entire primary to determine yourself and your whole on the platform might be helpful and maybe even comparatively straight forward.



Snapchat’s primary weakness is their restricted audience. Compared to the bulk of different social media platforms, their audience isextraordinarily slim, although confessedly terribly distinctive.


Instagram is the sister company of Facebook, and also allows users to post the images and the videos online for the users.

Merits and the stats

  • 300 million of the monthly active users
  • 75 million of daily users
  • 70 million photos posted daily


One of the foremost necessary strengths Instagram has is that the hash tag. Like on Twitter and Facebook, though the feature isn’t used on FB, Instagram users will and infrequently do attach one or a lot of hash tags to every of their pictures.
Instagram conjointly offers permanence unless you choose to delete a picture or video, it’s there to remain. This suggests that users will scroll through your pictures weeks or maybe years when it’s been denote.


Instagram doesn’t work well for posts that area unit of a very imperative nature, or a minimum of they don’t work as effectively as Snapchat. The posts will lurk around gone they’re effective or active, like a post a few fast sale or a happy hour special.

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