Light the face and heart with beauty

Everyone aspires to stay younger than what they are. Boundless pleasure and satisfaction can be brought out by ‘beauty’. A person’s happiness is designated by mental attitude and physical appearance. Mental attitude plays static role in ones character and the reacting bias towards a particular situation. Physical appearance is a factor where everyone is looking for.  Everyone’s eyes look for the way the people are dressed and presented themselves. If a person is mentally fit and physically good, that’s what the place where beauty lies.

Dress good, feel perfect

  1. Prefer clothes of monochromatic colour that make you to look graceful and classy. If you are wearing full white or black suits, you will look lithe and positive than what you are.
  2. Wear dress that fits you properly. Don’t wear suits that are too baggy or too tight. Legitimate way of dressing ensures confidence.
  3. It’s advisable to wear vertical stripes dresses for stout people and horizontal stripe dresses for lean people, since it shield their actual size.
  4. Choose accessories and heels that match your dress. While selecting heels, take a walk to make sure whether you can walk without flattering. Your walk should be perfect to destinations without any deviations.
  5. Wear fashionable and current trends dresses which will enhance you as a modern and updated person.

Face others with confident

Begin your makeup with foundation. Always use herbal or branded makeup kit to avoid side effects. Since the chemicals used in kits may cause skin tanning, shrinking or pimples which may cause aged look.

  1. Using light shade eye shadows and mascaras is always safe. It is made of kohl and lead sulphide which has tendency to settle down in eyes which may lead to black rings under eyes.
  2. The one way to avoid these effects is to clean the face with baby oil at the end of the day since it removes all the ingredients in face.
  3. Prefer natural hair styles rather than hair colouring, straightening or curling. Temporary styles are acceptable but repeating artificial approach leads to hair fall and breakage.
  4. Letting eye brows too thin gives you aged look .Broader eye brows attracts the eyes of everyone.
  5. Choose lipstick depends on your lip colour. Apply lip linear and then lip gloss to give perfect finish.


Natural tips

  1. Potato extract used along with cucumber is great ingredient sparkling eyes.
  2. Combination of oatmeal and yogurt face pack helps to remove oiliness from your skin. Wash your face with warm water while removing the pack.
  3. Strawberry and tomato juice extract is excellent remedy for whiteheads. Later cleanse your face with warmth water.
  4. Orange peel and dhal helps to get rid of skin pigmentation. It further enhances effective blood circulation.
  5. Guava leaves has anti-oxidant properties to beat wrinkles and dark spots.

Mental fitness and peace of mind can be achieved by doing meditations and yoga. A normal person requires about 6-8 hrs of sleep. Aware of your beauty and take care to improve further.

Best iphones apps for doctors

Apple Inc is the company which introduced the iphones to the market. It is said to be a best iphone. In the year 2007 the first iphone came to the market by Apple Inc. The benefits and the usage of this best iphones apps are found to be numerous. It suits all the classes of people with its admirable uses and applications. All sorts of technical activities such as taking snaps, videos, surfing net etc are done within the single electronic product. The advanced technologies used in the product speak about its unique characteristics. Now let’s go through some interesting facts about doctors who use iphones in their service.

Doctors and iphones

In many ways iphone has given its impact on medical industry. By its optic and computing power doctors find very easier to pick out the disorders in the patients. Remotoscope is one of the areas where doctors use iphone. It is one of the best iphone apps used by doctors. Here iphone helps the doctor to view the inner layer of the ear. A clear magnification is made by using iphone to view inner parts of the ear. It also helps to scan and take picture. People can take their own pictures and they can send it to the specialist or to the doctors. Thus it is said to be best iphone for doctors.


Electrocardiogram reader

Doctors use iphones as electrocardiogram reader to view the pumping of the heart and its circulation. It is also a best iphone app for doctors. A single led is attached in the back part of the iphone which acts as an electrocardiogram reader. It displays all the information’s regarding the patient’s heart through an app. The iphone ECG can be used in all the intensive care units and also by the doctors who are specialists in EMT. Thus the best iphone apps are been identified for the doctors.

Images and iphones in health care

The need for using iphones is increasing day by day. Even the characteristics of a microscope are done by the iphone with its smart lens and powerful magnification abilities. A very clear view is given in the snaps taken by the iphone cameras. As the lens of the iphone carry a very unique technology it greatly helps doctors to identify the spots where the defects are found in the patients. Thus iphone does the work of an expensive scanning machine and microscopes. Hence it is considered to be the best iphone app

Glucose meter in iphones

There is a special app for the diabetes patient in the iphone. The app called iBGstar diabetes is been attached to the iphone. It tracks the level of blood glucose and the result produced will be as accurate as the other machines do. The level of insulin dosage given to the patient can also be detected with help of these apps. As it has the properties of measuring the glucose level it is said to be the best iphone app


A monitor for blood pleasure

In order to view the level of blood pleasure iphones can be used. The reading of the blood pleasure level can be accurately noted with the application of iphones. A patient can also do self checkup in his level of blood pleasure and it could also be sent to the specialist within fraction of seconds. Thus iphone helps to monitor the level of pressure in the blood. Hence it is said to be a best iphone app for the doctors

Hence iphones play a very important role to the doctors. Because of its uniqueness and other aids the usage of iphones are increasing day by day. It is also found that iphone started placing its steps in rural areas also where the doctors enjoys the multiple benefits of iphones.